Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Posted by Grace under Careers on August 18, 2015

Looking for a jobs in Canada for immigrants or foreigners? Are you an immigrant in Canada and don’t know how to start? Here we provide job searching tips for every immigrants in Canada. If you are newly residence in Canada, you should know the process of hiring jobs in your local area especially if your goal is to get permanent jobs or governmental jobs.

In Canada, most skilled workers are getting hire easily. There are lots of skilled jobs in Toronto and Alberta. My friend is living in Alberta, Canada. His advice is as follow;


When you leave your own country and go to Canada, make sure you are equipped with knowledge and skills. And some immigrants are doing household chores, gardening and work as a caregiver.

List of Job Opportunities in Canada

  • CAD Operator
  • Slaughtering
  • Caregiver
  • Teaching
  • IT Jobs
  • Welder

Most foreigners from Asia are working in Canada as a caregiver. But, when they have a permanent residency, they will apply to big companies and pursue their dreams working related to their professions such as accountancy, engineers, architects and professional teacher.

How to Get a Job in Canada

Maybe you asked, how do I get a job in Canada if I am just newly reside here. There are lots of job opportunities in Canada, just look for them and grab the opportunity! If you have a legal documents like permanent residency, you have the rights to apply for any job you want. But, be sure you are already fluent in French and English language. Now, prepare your resume including your legal documents, your employment certificate, certification skills, etc. Visit any company in Canada and look for the human resource department, pass your resume and wait for interview.

Good luck to your job haunting in Canada. For other readers, if you know other options on how to get a job in Canada, please leave a comment now!  If you liked this post, kindly share it.

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