It’s Only a Matter of Attitude

Posted by Miles Montoya under Life Hacks on September 23, 2015

“Life isn’t easy, you’ve got to be strong.”
This is a line extracted from the song “Common Ground” popularized by Kodaline, an Irish rock band.

We cannot deny the fact that we see imperfections in life. We see different problems, challenges, difficulties, discomforts, worries, anxieties that possibly distract one’s whole life. Oftentimes, we only see the negative. We always feel the uncertainties of life. Sometimes, we are unaware that we should always have an open mind and an open heart to see, to feel and to understand the reality; that we are living in an imperfect world.


In my own point of view, the moment that we were born, we were already given the task and mission to accomplish in this world. As we grow, and as we mature, we become responsible for our own actions and for discovering and fulfilling whatever that mission is. That’s why, theologically speaking, we were given the freewill but of course, it is always accompanied with responsibility, that we are responsible for our own actions and decisions in life.

Realize the Essence of Living

As we grow, we tend to see and to realize the essence of living. In our everyday struggle, we are faced with different circumstances that may test us in our endeavor. Whatever and whoever we are, will never be basis on the existence of challenges in our lives.

How to Face Life’s Challenges?

Each one of us has personal challenges to face. Likewise, each of us has our own different way of handling and facing such challenges and circumstances in life. You might probably think and ask, “Is there a great way on how to handle and how to face life’s challenges?” If I may answer that question, I would rather say that each one of us has our own way of dealing with these challenges, the mere fact that we were born unique and that we have individual differences. Personally, I always believe that in everything we do and in everything that we are faced with, it will always be a matter of attitude.

matter of attitude

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Definition of Attitude

The dictionary defines the word attitude as the position or posture assumed by the body in connection with an action, feeling, mood, etc., or a manner of acting, feeling or thinking that shows one’s disposition, opinion, etc. Allow me to quote the acronym I once read about attitude.

“Awareness, Think, Therapy, Identity, Trust, Understand, Decision, and Emotions.” Which simply means, that we should always be aware of what is happening; use our mental faculty of thinking before we decide; apply treatment if necessary, that is, taking action and making the improvement a new habit; always remember our human identity, that we were created in the image and likeness of God; learning to trust and be trusted; having the power to understand situations; making the right choice and decision; and of course, managing our emotions.

Learn to Manage Our Attitude

Thus, no matter how hard the problem is, no matter how sullen the experience we have, no matter how unfair life seems to be, everything will be realized, accepted and understood if we manifest and manage the right attitude toward it. Therefore, let us always learn to manage our attitude. Let us always have an open heart and an open mind to see and to feel and to understand things as they are. Let us always remember that it’s always and it’s only a matter of attitude.


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14 comments on “It’s Only a Matter of Attitude

  1. Barron says:

    Hmm, something unique today. What happened to this blog. I thought it was about investing. Gilbert, where are you? Who’s Milagros?

    BTW, she’s an excellent writer.

  2. Gilbert says:

    Here I am, a first post from a Filipino author. She’s a friend. A co-worker. I have no time to write everyday, and my knowledge is only limited to what this blog is all about – investing.

    I am still looking for article writer, who can contribute to this blog Barron, are you in? Let me wait your article, just create a user name a publish new post. I totally agree, she’s an excellent writer. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Elllenfield says:

    Complete statement, “Awareness, Think, Therapy, Identity, Trust, Understand, Decision, and Emotions.” aha..i choose awareness. Very nice article, i think the article is also applicable to investing..are you emotional when the stock prices going down? Just asking..

  4. GeekyLuvvah says:

    Milagros didn’t waste my time. Thanks for the reminder. Life is always a matter of attitude.

    @gilbert, if you can use the writing style of your new author, you probably increase your blog readers from N.A. But, the problem is, this post isn’t optimized in search engine. What your focused keyword here gilbert?

  5. Bloggafromwest says:

    @admin, two thumbs up for these words of wisdom…can I share this post to my blog?

  6. JonJon says:

    Nice post. I wish she will write more articles. I think she have a deep understanding about what life is all about. I am sure she’s very considerate and not emotional? Am I right?

  7. PhantomGirl says:

    This post isn’t about positive attitude, it’s about a “matter of attitude”, I have noticed it was not tagged properly. Gilbert you should update this post or use other tags..

  8. Dennis Ong says:

    She has a powerful thoughts on attitude, I liked it. Worth reading..

  9. Sam delos Reyes says:

    Hi friends, Awhile ago, I read attitude quote, it stated “if you don’t like my attitude, quit talking to me”.

    What can you say about that quote? Does it mean you should always be who you are and don’t care about what other people say? Comments are highly appreciated.

    @gilbert, it’s good to know that this blog is accepting guest authors, would that be okay to your loyal readers who are interested in investing..?

  10. SmartInvestor says:

    Thought to ponder, i think this is related, another attitude quote, “Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.”

  11. Henry@PNWriter says:

    Every words from these articles are worth reading, nice post. Waiting for your next post. Love it.

  12. Alice Decker says:

    Thank you author for reminding me about my mission in life, ‘so grateful I read your post. It’s hard to fulfill those missions, gave me the reasons to meditate tonight and think deeply about my missions..have two kids, a single parent and I don’t know how to give them proper’s very hard..

  13. Admin says:

    @GeekyLuvvah, many of my readers from North America do really appreciate this post. Although it’s not related to investing, they liked it. SEO or search engine optimization and getting more traffic on Google search is not the goal of this blog.

    What’s the sense of taking the first spot on google search engine results page if your article is not in high quality. I don’t write for search engine bots, I write for humans. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

  14. Miguel Calpir says:

    Me, too. I appreciate this post. I feel guilty sir gilbert. Whenever I encounter difficulties, it is easy for me to quit rather than analyzing why things are going tough.

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