Islamic Bank in UAE was Used in Email Phishing

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One of the Islamic Bank in UAE was used in email phishing. To avoid getting scam to this type of bank scams and frauds. Read this page. I think every Islamic Banks especially those banks located in United Arab Emirates should investigate this email. I wonder why there are people who send me email regarding banking. All I know is I subscribed to the banks to where I opened a savings account.

When I read this email that the Islamic Bank was used, I recognized it was the same to the previous scam alert post about NatWest Bank PLC Scam Alert: Used in Email Phishing


Take a look this email. The word “Islamic Bank” was used. There are many Islamic Banks in United Arab Emirates. The popular ones are Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank ADIB located in Abu Dhabi, Al Hilal Bank, Ajman Bank, Dubai Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic, Noor Bank and Sharjah Islamic Bank SIB.

Read this email message if you are familiar with the name of the bank used in this email. I received this email message from “Butti Obaid” with an email address “”. The email message subject is “Re:Important Beneficial Quest”.

It’s funny the sender used the subject “Re:Important Beneficial Quest”. I don’t remember anything sending an email regarding banks or to this person.

islamic bank used in scams and frauds email-min

Who’s Mr. Charles Balassi? Who is Mrs. Novelle Balassi? The sender wants me to reply in this message to take confirm that he things he said was true. Take a look at the continuation of this email message.

islamic bank scam alert via email-min

Look at the message in the box. The sender wants me to send to him my phone number and fax number. Why should I? Will he spend time to call me about the transaction? Is he serious? Analyze what he said. And keep on reading about my experience in this type of email message.

Islamic Bank in UAE was Used in Email Phishing

Manager Islamic First Bank IslamicFB,Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirate (U.A.E.)

I am delighted to get across to you for a very private business proposal. I deemed it fit to contact you to seek your assistance in this lucrative project which requires trust and confidentiality.

An American who worked in Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), made a fixed deposit of Ten Million United States Dollars for Seventeen Years, 17 in my branch, upon maturity our department sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.

After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers, the (EGPC) that Mr.Charles Balassi died with his wife Mrs.Novelle Balassi in a plane crash on October 31, 1999, (an Egyptian Boeing 767 Flight 990) with other passengers on board as you can confirm it yourself via a site I will provide to you in my next message upon reply.

I discovered that all records has no next of kin, So the funds must be claimed immediately by somebody who would stand as the Next of Kin of the late Mr. Charles Balassi as the beneficiary, because according to the financial laws of United Arab Emirates, at the expiration of seventeen Years 17, this money will be reverted to the ownership of the Government treasury account if nobody applies to claim the fund.

Please note that by the virtue of my position in the bank, I have worked out the perfect modality on how to claim the fund and I shall provide the relevant information and documents for the successful claim and transfer of the funds in the account that would be provided by rest assured that this project involves 100% risk free. I will like you to provide immediately your private phone number and fax numbers for easy communication.

Awaiting your urgent reply via my confidential email

Mr.Buti Obaid

Is the Islamic Bank Mentioned Listed in UAE or Not?

Manager Islamic First Bank IslamicFB,Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirate (U.A.E.)

You are sure this is scam. The person behind this email message wants to scam people. Unfortunately, he sent  the email message to the one who reviewed the email phishing, scams and frauds. Thank to because it regularly publish articles and tips to not getting scammed whether it is a buy and sell stuff, bank transactions or investments.

I have already experience the same email message and experiment what would happened if I will give my contact numbers. Here’s the result. Someone called me from other country (don’t want to mention country) to protect other citizens), it is wondering why someone call me and wants me to send him $100. He said when I send $100 dollars, he will proceed to the million dollar transaction. I just replied “thanks I am busy”. He keeps on calling me until I don’t answering the phone, and he’ stopped.

So, what can you say about this email message? Did you read it? It is obviously a trick to get my attention and send money to the sender. How can I believe this email message if it says about million dollars. Million dollars should not transaction online to minimize the risks. Million dollars should be deposited safely bank to bank and with personal appearance.

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