Is Money the Most Important Thing in Life?

Posted by Grace under Money on December 25, 2014

Some of readers asked me via email and asking me this question “is money the most important thing in life?” Okay, I think this is also one of the sensitive topic to talk about in personal finance. As a finance blogger, let me answer this question with the best I can.

If you have ideas or arguments, the comment box is open for you to write your point of view about life and money. Some people might say money is the most useful and most important thing in the world, but some people will say money is not the most important in this life. Let’s just assume, we have a debate here. The right side are the right side are the poor people and from your left side are the middle class.


A man who never experience to handle a lot of money might say, money is not important. Those people who can prove this statement are the kind of people who are contented and happy on what they are now.

Maybe a middle class man might say money is very important, without it I can never live decently. He might add, what do you use when you get sicked and need to see a doctor? Money, right?What will you use if you are hungry? Money, right? Unless you are in the middle of the forest wherein money is not an issue because you will for food in the forest such as fruits, birds, etc.

Is Money the Most Important Thing in Life?

But, you are in flat land. Wherein money is the tools to exchange for something. In this arguments both middle class and poor people are correct. Often times money is important especially if you are in need. Second, for poor people money is not important because they are happy on what they are now, even they will just eat 2 times a day, even if they will never enter school, it’s okay, why? because they are happy and contented.

Buy during the toughest times, poor people will get poorer because they have no money. The chance of survival is very minimal “unless”, their land (where they live) has lot of natural resources that can use for food, shelter, and clothing.

Is Money the Most Important Thing in Life?

On the other hand, if there are poor and middle class that talks about money. Of course, there’s the rich people who will claim both money and happiness. Rich people work hard to make money, they will do whatever it takes to make more money. After that, when they have a lot of money, they will make sure they will have quality time for their loved ones.

Take note, even though rich people work hard for money, they will also ensure that the money they earned will work for them when they retire.

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They don’t want to suffer. They send their kids to prestigious and exclusive schools. They buy lot of foods and aiming for 6 to 10 square meals a day. Once again, rich people will choose to be happy and rich. Therefore, our final answer if money is the most important thing in life? The answer is a big NO. it is just an instrument to get out the most important thing to give to yourself and to your love ones.

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