Is Donald Trump Richer than Bill Gates?

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 2, 2016

A curious reader from North Carolina asked; is Donald Trump richer than Bill Gates. Maybe you are curios also. I know Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. Donald Trump has private jet. Do Bill Gates owned a private jet too? Who is really wealthy? Gates or Trump?

The basis of how a man is rich is by looking his net worth. Let us know the net worth of Bill Gate and Donald Trump.


Is Donald Trump Richer than Bill Gates?

I don’t know why you’d like to know who’s richer between the two. Maybe because you want to know how rich is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump net worth as of January 1, 2016 is $4.5 Billion according to Forbes.Com. A 69 year old guy from New York. Donald Trump source of wealth is television and real estate. He is one of the most powerful people. He is ranked 133 in the most richest people in United States.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft has a net worth of $79 Billion. He is the richest man in the world. His private jet is quiet expensive too.

Actually Bill Gates is richer than the US President today. Therefore, even if Donald Trump won in the Presidential Elections this year 2016, Bill Gates is still richer than Trump. Bill Gates is the most richest person in technology. Of course, through Microsoft he made his fortune.

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