iPhone 7 Release Date, Price and Specs

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 11, 2016

iPhone 7 to release by Apple, Inc. soon. There is no exact date. The iPhone 7 release date according to rumors is on September 2016. The question is, will you buy iPhone 7 if your iPhone 6 plus is still in good condition?

People are changing cellphones everytime a new model phone is released. There’s no wrong in changing gadgets. Take some time to read this short post when should you replace your phone.


iPhone 7 Release Date

The iPhone 7 will release on September 2016 according to rumors. Many people are waiting for the releasing date of iPhone 7. Based on the history, Apple releases new iPhones during September.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Image: Luke Wroblewski via Flickr CC 2.0

  • iPhone was released on June 2007
  • iPhone 3G was released on June 2008
  • iPhone 3G S was released on June 2009
  • iPhone 4 was released on June 2010
  • iPhone 4S was released on October 2011
  • iPhone 5 was released on September 2012
  • iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C was released on September 2013
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was released on September 2014
  • iPhone 6S was released on September 2015

That’s why, people are expecting that September 2016 is the releasing date of iPhone 7. You still have few months to save money for it. Will you replace your old iPhone and buy iPhone 7?

The reasons why many people are waiting for the new release of iPhones is that they are excited to experience the new features and specifications. Some people buy new phones for fashion, and some are buying new phones so that will brag about it to their friends and co-workers. It is because, iPhones are “high quality”, people are very happy to buy it even it is “expensive” (?!)

iPhone 7 Price

Maybe you think you can afford iPhone 7. Yes you can afford it. If you can afford iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, you can afford any new released iphone models.

The price of iPhone 7 maybe the same as the price of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Maybe the Apple add extra amount because of other features and special specs.

iPhone 7 Specifications

There is no definite iPhone 7 features, highlights and specifications. Once the iPhone 7 released, other readers will comment in this blog to show to you the specifications of iPhone 7. According to rumors, the iPhone 7 is water proof. Wow! That’s cool.

Let me know if you will buy iPhone 7 or not. Leave your opinion in the comment box. Thank you!

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7 comments on “iPhone 7 Release Date, Price and Specs

  1. Alvin @ TechnoBlogger says:

    Hi Grace, yes I will buy iPhone 7. The moment Apple will release iPhone 7 I will go to apple retail store and purchase one for me and for my wife.

  2. Gorgeous Lady says:

    I will buy iPhone 7 if the price is reasonable. I know it is worth it. I already tested the quality and usability of iPhones.

  3. iPhone Geek says:

    when I read other tech blogs, they say iPhone 7 is waterproof, does it mean I can bring it under water? OMG that’s fantastic because I love taking picture under water.

  4. Osang Hirokare says:

    Hmm, why there are many people love iPhone? Which is better, iPhone or Samsung mobile phones?

    I am just curious, about their prices, quality and popularity.

  5. Jack Basas says:

    I always read topics about iPhone 7 rumors on the internet, why don’t you guys wait for the announcement in the official website of Apple. Rumors are just rumors, we don’t know what’s true and correct information about iPhone 7.

  6. shalom iPhone lover says:

    If iPhone 7 will release on USA on September, how many weeks or days it should become available in other countries? say for example Australia or UK.

  7. Australian Tech Blog says:

    iPhone 7 will be worth it, just like other previous iPhone models. Apple will surely make a reasonable price for iPhone 7.

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