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By Grace

Hey, Investment Total blog was reviewed by criticue! This personal finance blog reviewed by Is it a best blog site. I will share to you later what other people say about this blog ( It’s almost a year enough, this blog was in my own effort. I didn’t outsource the content. I didn’t hire any article writer. I just write what I know and what’s on my mind. This blog doesn’t even optimized (SEO). Awhile ago, I ask the experts by writing an article in this blog how can I get more organic traffic.

I read, read and read a lot. Until I found out, getting more organic traffic is to write original and unique content. Everyday, it is my pleasure to give this personal finance blog a time to add content. Since it is about investing and saving money, I am interested and can easily add articles.

Do I need to change the design of to make it as one of the best blog site? I think no,according to the review I received.

The Blog Design“Wow great design well though of and put together, the logo design works well with the design of the blog, some very informative articles, I have even bookmarked this blog. Well done and good luck.” – shop4b (128 Reputation Earned on Criticue

Another review I have received stated that this personal finance blog is almost complete;

“On financial point of view your blog site is complete and perfect. At design point of view, I like your logo and use of slider makes it complete. content is also equally populated.” – ZamesCarter (129 Reputation Earned on Criticue)

The reason why I wrote about this is to let me know what is your feedback for this website. Kindly submit a short and simple review using the comment box below. I will highly appreciate your honest review for the following;

  • The Articles
  • The Engagement, etc

If you have a website or blog like Investment Total blog, I recommend Criticue.Com, let other people know about your best blog site and make a review about it. Subscribe to to receive more tips about investing tips and personal finance articles.Kindly share this Investment Total blog to your friends using Twitter or Facebook. Have a nice day, I will wait for your review. Thanks a lot.


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