Investment Opportunities for Filipinos & OFWs

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Looking for investment opportunities? The best investment offers for Filipinos and OFWs. Do you want to invest your hard earned money in mutual funds, UITF, T-Bills and even in the stock market? You have no idea yet what are these investment vehicles, and you wonder and curious how to make money in investing, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, nor an internet marketing or MLM multi-level of marketing.

As I have said in my previous articles, there is no reason why you should not invest your money in different investment vehicles by yourself if you are willing to learn financial education. If you are not familiar in investing, kindly ask the “experts” – and the real investors, you can have a financial mentors and teach and guide you along the way.


But make sure your mentor has a real hands-on experience in investing, there are blogs, magazines, TV shows, that can help you learn investing. If you have a business, it is easy for you to understand the flow and how investing in paper assets works. You will understand the risk because you already have a lot of experiences in taking risk.

Investment Opportunities for Filipinos & OFWs

Do you know that you can start investing for as low as P5,000 and P1,000 monthly for your additional investment, unlike before, most investment has a minimum amount  of P100,000 to P1,000,000 just to participate in investment. Grab this opportunity to let the money work for you, you really want to take a risk, high risk high returns, start investing now, just follow the guide below;

Mutual Funds as Investment Opportunities

Step One. Choose one of the mutual fund companies in the Philippines here. Call them, visit their website or just email them, you can also follow their guide in their official website.

Step Two. Determine which type of fund you want to invest in (equity, balanced, bonds, money market etc)

Step Three. Prepare the documents needed, prepare your money, your initial investment of P5,000.00

Step Four. Wait for the confirmation email or certificate of shares, certificate of participation etc via mail. (depend on mutual fund company). I participate in two of the mutual fund companies and both buying shares in equity fund.

Step Five. By more shares or set aside your monthly investment (example: P1,000 per month). Mine is P5,000 per month in five years and adding more as years passing by.

Personally, I invest money in FAMI SALEF and PhilEquity Fund, Inc.

UITF or  Unit Investment Trust Fund as Investment Opportunities

Step One. Go to your bank, if you have no savings account, kindly open one.

Step Two. Ask the bank about UITF.

Step Three. Determine your monthly contribution, BDO has an easy investment plan for their UITF, in my experience it is very easy and hassle free to invest in BDO EIP in UITF.

Related: BDO Easy Investment Plan

Step Four. Just invest money monthly according to your investment goal. (P1,000 per month) My UITF in BDO EIP is P2,500 monthly for five years.

Stock Market Investment for Filipinos and OFWs

Step One. Choose your stock trading platform. You can check or BPI Trade. As a guide, see the complete guide on how to open a COL Financial account here.

Step Two. Submit your documents and even your initial deposit to fund your account (P5,000 for COL Financial)

Step Three. Choose companies (prefer blue chips), giant and stable companies, and invest in companies you are familiar with in their business.

Example: Ayala Corporation, PLDT, SM, Meralco, Jollibee, Ayala Land Incorporation, SM Prime Holdings, Manila Water Company, San Miguel Corporation, BDO, BPI, Metro Bank, URC etc.

I am regularly buying stocks of Ayala Land Inc, Bank of the Philippine Islands, PLDT and Jollibee as well as SM Prime Holdings.

Update: As of April 2016, Cebu Pacific stocks were added in my portfolio.

Step Four. Buy your stocks using your chosen stock trading platform.

Step Five. Invest regularly, but invest according to your goal. Example; P5,000 every month within 20 years.

For Inspiration: See the future value of P5,000 per month investment here.

There are people who are afraid of risk, I prefer not to park my money in the bank, I am aggressively investing my money in mutual funds, UITF and stock market, so that someday, money will work hard for me.

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It is better to invest early, I just wish I learned investing when I am young, I started investing when I was thirty years old. I still have 40 years investing, and I assure these investments and financial education will benefit my children and grand children.

So what can you say about these list of investment opportunities for every Filipinos especially for OFWs who work hard abraod. I hope this page is very useful, may your investing journey become successful. Thank you so much for reading.


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