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Posted by Grace under Investing on March 13, 2016

I just searched the website price. domain name is extremely valuable. From the word “investing”, when someone wants to know about “investing”, and when some will search investing on Google, the is the number one on the lists. is a great website for investors. Actually, if you installed the app in your android phone or tablet, you should now familiar about the features and functions of the app.


Going back to the topic, what is the estimated price of Investing.Com website? According to, a website use to calculate the website worth and domain name, the Investing.Com website price is $ 5,735,374 (five million, seven hundred thirty five thousand, three hundred seventy four dollars). Wow, that’s one of the most expensive website I have ever heard. website price is 5 million dollars

Image Corutesy: SitePrice.Org

Compare website price to domain worth today.

What Makes Website Price Expensive?

A website will only increase its worth if it receives more targeted quality traffic. A website will also increase its owrth if it is ranked number one in a certain keyword like “investing”. Say for example, if millions of people are searching for “investing”, probably the Investing.Com website will receive more visitors becasue this website is ranked number one to the keyword.

The website name, structures. brand and the domain name has a big role why website price is very expensive. Imagine the 7-digit figure (5.7M USD) for just a single website. There are other expensive website or domain names our there. Maybe the,,,,, (I wish), and When I checked domain name website value, it was $ 2,349,563,789. Amazing, right?

Other Factors Why Website Price is Expensive

Imagine if you have a website that ranks for the keywords like, investing, forex, stock market quotes. financial news, forex trading, forexpros, USD, euro dollars, EUR USD, gold, dollar and many more. In a website, keyword is very important, the broader and short that your website has, the better. The good exaple is and They are branded domain names.

Here are some of the reasons and factors why website price is expensive;

Site Visibility

  • Google Page Rank: 6/10
  • Google Index: 17,400,000
  • Yahoo Index: 445,000
  • Bing Index: 459,000
  • Alexa Rank: 741

Investing.Com Social Visibility Profiles

The facebook fan page has 2,757 fans. Check out social profiles or accounts like Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Investing.Com Website Traffic and Revenue

Investing.comwebsite receives 724,950 per day. The website generates more than two million page views per day with a daily revenue of $5,220. According to, yearly ads revenue is $1,879,070.00

I think the primary reasons why website price is very expensive because of the revenue it can generate every day.

Aside from, what is your favorite website for financial news. Share your experience in using website. Leave a comment and share this post with your friends.

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