Invest One Dollar Bill and Make Thousands

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on February 10, 2017

Invest one dollar bill everyday and make thousand of dollars. Is it possible to make million dollars using your one dollar bill? Investing is amazing. Even a small amount of money can help anyone to become financial free. One of my readers from New York asked a very beautiful question about “what to do with one dollar bill” everyday given by his mother. Read this article about what to do with one dollar bill everyday so that you will have an idea about its future worth. And the amazing result of investing dollar a day? It make thousands over a period of time if they were invested properly.

“…I am just  13 year old kid, I want to know what is the best thing to do with one dollar bill because everyday I received the same amount from my mom.”


Some kids might think to buy a candy. When I wrote an article about how can a 17 year old invest, I mention there that there should be a guidance from their parents and open a joint account or “in-trust-for” account. Amazing reader from Investment Not all minors are concern on what to do with one dollar bill.
 The One Dollar Bill ($1) of United States. Who’s on the front picture of one dollar bill? He is the first US President, George Washington. The picture was painted by Gilbert Stuart.

Maybe you think, why the US Presidents featured on US bank notes? Maybe it is because Americans wants to remember their presidents’.

Things You Can do With One Dollar Bills

If you received one dollar bill everyday, here are the suggested things to do with it;

  • Save it and make it grow
  • Just save it.
  • After a month or a year, invest your money.
  • After a month or a year, buy the things you want.
  • After you saved one dollar bill everyday, return them to your parents.
  • After you saved one dollar bill everyday, buy personal finance books

After you saved one dollar bill everyday in one full year (365 days), that means you will have a $365.oo. The best thing for your three hundred sixty five dollars is to start investing. Ask your parents how to invest money. When you opened an investment account, fund your account every year. A $365 every year has a big impact in your financial future.

If you saved one dollar bill everyday in 10 years that earns at least 5 percent interest, you will have a total savings of $4, 591. The total interest of your investment is $941 and your regular deposits is $3,650. Nice money, huh? Not all kids can do this. The best thing for parents is to teach their kids personal finance and investing. But of course, parents will only become effective in teaching personal finance and investments if they’re the one who invest and save.

If you want these amount of money, then know the different types of investments so that you’ll have an idea on where to put your one dollar bill everyday.

Hey kids, when did you received your first dollar bill and what did you do about it? Your parents should give you more not just one dollar bill everyday if they saw you saving and not just spending.

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