Guide in Investing Money in Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF Philippines)

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 17, 2016

Want to know how to invest money in unit trust or UITF? I just want to share how I invest my money in UITF. This is my personal experiences in investing money in UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund). Do you know my first experience in investment vehicles is in UITF? Here’s the story, few months ago, I educate myself on how to grow my money, I did not spend too much time on searching topics about saving money in the bank, saving money and investing money has a big difference, believe me, investing is the best. As I am surfing on the internet, searching topics about financial literacy especially in investing, I land in one of the financial blogs in the Philippines talking about investing in stocks, UITF and mutual funds. I search which is the easiest, and I found out based on my “analysis”, investing in UITF is the easiest – well, that’s just my own opinion and based on my experiences.

After I studied UITF, how it works, how to get started, I found out that Banco de Oro BDO is offering an Easy Investment Plan where in you can invest money for as low as P1,000 every month automatically using BDO savings account.


I took action and don’t want to delay for I am very aggressive in preparing my family’s future. I went to nearest BDO branch in our town, and opened a savings account, and ask the bank clerk to apply our savings account in their EIP – BDO Easy investment Plan.

I filled out the investor profile, and ask the clerk to invest in UITF EQUITY, (simply the funds are invested in stocks) but the bank fund manager will going to invest it for you,  you are buying “units” that’s why they called it UNIT INVESTMENT TRUST FUND, you can check the NAVPU in BDO official website.

I just add P3,000 every month in my savings account. P2,500 is for UITF investment and P500 is for savings account. Me and my wife will do it 5 years or more (that’s a long term) good for UITF Equity.

How to Invest Money in Unit Trust?

As a summary, here’s the shortest guide;

Step One. Open a savings account in BDO (P5,000 with passbook)
Step two. Apply that savings account in their Easy Investment Plan (UITF)
Step Three. Decide how much money (P1,000 minimum) you are willing to invest per month in UITF
Step Four. Deposit money every month in your savings account
Step Five. The bank will invest the money from your savings account to your UITF investment

You can get a certificate once your UITF investment is amounting to P10,000. That’s it. How easy as that? So simple, so easy, hassle free and most of all (for me it is safe). Although investing has risk, but remember, the higher the risk the higher the return, why not risk anyway, if you don’t know what you’re doing then that’s risky, but if you know what you’re doing – that’s riskless.

You can read my experience in BDO EIP – Investing in UITF Equity for further information.

Let me know your experiences on UITF investing. Did you find this post useful? Did I forget something to say on how to invest money in unit trust? Leave a comment below and share this with your friends! Thank you!

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