Invest P2,500 Per Month in the Philippine Stock Market (Future Value)

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If you invest in stocks P2,500 per month. Here is the future value of P2,500 pesos monthly regular investment if you invest in the Philippine stock market.

Do you know that if you invest in stocks P2,500 in the Philippine stock market, the future value of your P2,500 monthly investment is millions? Here is the future value of P2,500 per month after invested in a specific period of time. This will help you decide whether to invest lump sum or do it cost averaging.


A lump sum investing means a big amount of money invested it one time while cost averaging is investing a small amount of money and the example here is P2,500) regularly example is per month). I used the future value formula while calculating completing the table.

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The advantage of cost averaging is that when the /shares/price/unit of stocks/funds are low you have the opportunity to buy more units/stocks/shares but if the price of unit/stock/share you will only have to buy less. A P2,500 per month for many of us is easy to set-aside, there are many Filipinos who has a regular income but have no time to discover the wonder of investing a small amount of money, maybe they already know it but they delay their investing due to some reasons;

Some say “I am still young, I have to enjoy my hard-earned money”. Some has a lot of excuses, alibis. No wonder why the don’t invest. I do really hope I knew investing when I was too young, the best way to invest money is when you are at month-old. Time is money, my daughter only need P0.50 cent per day to earn her target asset, when she reach 65, she should acquire her target earning asset.

If you invest P2,500 per month, how much money you will have after few years, if you do it long term, maybe 10-20 years, the table below will assure you, you will have millions as if you invest the money the in the right investment vehicle, example, if you want to gain  15%-20% or above, invest in stocks, if you have no time to invest in stocks, then try UITF or mutual funds equity type.

The funds will also invest in stocks. You should always consider your risk appetite when investing, are an aggressive investor, or you want to play “safe”. Then try mutual funds bond funds, actually there is no “safe investment”, there are risk everywhere, anytime in our lives everyday, and also in investing. Do not forget, gains is always proportionate to the risk you take.

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Invest Millions and Make Millions

If you want millions, invest millions, or thousands but invest it for so long. If you want billions then invest billions or invest millions but invest it for so long. As you have noticed, you are taking risk with your money and your time as well. I would rather take risk for my money and time. Invest huge amount of money and invest it long term.


If I invest in stocks a P2,500 per month in 10 years, now it’s worth P609,000. By just maintaining my stocks to earn 15% annual and compound it every year. I started last year 2013 by investing P2,500 per month but not in stocks but in UITF Equity (talking about BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan). I am not expert in investing in the stock market that’s why I choosed to have someone invest my money for me, there are mutual funds and UITF out there.

To proceed in our topic, the power of compounding and TIME will allow you to grow your money without doing anything, it’s just a rich mindset and sometimes it is just a matter of numbers such as how many years, how much….

Invest in Stocks P2,500 Philippine Stock Market (Future Value)

I am planning to invest P2,500 per month and maintain this instrument to earn at least 15% annually, how much, or even how far can my P2,500 per month take me?
Monthly Annual Years Earn 8% Earn 12% Earn 15% Earn 18% Earn 23%
2,500 30,000 30 3,398,496 7,239,980 13,042,354 23,728,439 64,814,720

Note: Compound Interest Effect Annually


A P2,500 per month or P30,000 per year will be worth P13,042,354 after 30 years. I am 20 years old now, therefore, when I reached the age 50, I have P13 million ^_^

 Question: Is P2,500 Per Month Enough? It depends on your target earning asset when you hit your retirement age.

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I am investing in stocks, but doing it very careful. Thank you for the knowledge shares by professionals written in their books and blogs. Investing in stocks when I only earned extra income, but my priority investments are on mutual funds and UITF.

My mutual funds are in First Metro Asset Management (P200,000 Lump Sum in FAMI-SALEF) and Phil Equity Fund Inc, and my UITF is BDO Equity Fund.

Invest in Stocks P2,500 Philippine Stock Market (Futue Value)

They are both in equity. After15-20 years, I will shift these equity funds to balanced funds, a combination of stocks and bonds.

Monthly Annual  Years Earn 8% Earn 12% Earn 15% Earn 18% Earn 23%
2,500 30,000 5 175,998 190,585 202,271 214,626 236,779
2,500 30,000 10 434,596 526,462 609,111 705,639 903,384
2,500 30,000 15 814,563 1,118,391 1,427,412 1,828,957 2,780,081
2,500 30,000 20 1,372,858 2,161,573 3,073,307 4,398,839 8,063,559
2,500 30,000 25 2,193,178 4,000,016 6,383,790 10,278,104 22,938,163
2,500 30,000 30 3,398,496 7,239,980 13,042,354 23,728,439 64,814,720
2,500 30,000 35 5,169,504 12,949,904 26,435,104 54,499,548 182,710,031
2,500 30,000 40 7,771,695 23,012,742 53,372,709 124,896,390 514,621,367
2,500 30,000 45 11,595,168 40,746,900 107,553,853 285,947,313 1,449,053,241
Note: Compound Interest Effect Annually

Be Guided in Investing in Mutual Funds and UITF

I am giving my self a little bit time to learned about stock investing. Maybe 6 months from now. I will invest in direct stocks. So far, I have only SMPH shares via COL Financial. There are guides if you want to invest not just in stocks, but also in mutual funds and unit investment trust funds. I have written some basic steps on how to do it yourself. If you found something wrong with this article, please let me know, just email the Investment Total blog owner.

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Thank you for readings this topic, just a point of view of how far can P2,500 per month investment take you? Are you amazed with the profits you can get if you invest in stocks P2,500 per month? Share your opinion below.

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