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Posted by Grace under Investing on November 19, 2015

If i invest 50000 today, I will invest in stocks! Read and know the reasons why! Do you also want to invest 50000 dollars? Do you want to know where to put your $50,000 to make it grow? Let me give you a basic ideas on where to invest $50,000 today. I have already written articles about investing. A reader from Georgia asked; If i invest 50000 today, what would be the future worth of my investment capital after 10 years. I am planning to buy a new home after 10 years. I have cash worth 50000 dollars. I don’t want to put it in the bank because if I save 50000 dollars in my bank account, they will not earn much. What would be your suggestion since I want to grow my money after 10 years. Kevin, 41 Georgia, USA

My Answer: Investing 50000 a Year

Investing 50000 a year is easy! If I were you I will invest my money in different vehicles. I will allocate the 50000 dollars. Maybe 70% in stocks and 30% in bonds. Ten years is considered as “in between” short-term and long term investment. If you will invest $50,000 in 10 years that earns 8% per year, your money will turn into $107,000.00 Have an investment goal. If you plan to double your money in 5 years, just use the rule of 72. Your money will turn into $100,000 if you can manage to invest that earns 14.4% every year within 5 years.


invest 50000 today

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Take into consideration that your money (funds) will be use to buy a new home. Analyze the stock market trends. Don’t invest in stocks if you can’t afford to take high risks. If you want a sure profit, consider investing in a low risks types of investments such as bonds. Be careful in investing your 50000 dollars. Make sure you choose the right investment.

In investing, there are many things to consider;

Asset Allocation – read this topic so that you will have an idea on where to put your 50000 dollars. This is my guide. whenever when I want to invest 50000, I will just look at the asset allocation strategies I am using. It’s effective. It teaches you how to distribute your money or total assets depending on your age and risk tolerance.

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