INS – It’s Never Simple to Invest and Save

Posted by Grace under Insurance on March 5, 2015

INS stands for It’s Never Simple? INS stands for Investing Not Saving. Today let us talk about INS, because investing is better than saving. In, the readers believe in the statement “investing is the best way to achieve financial freedom”. Saving and investing are twins. FYI, in this blog the meaning of INS is “invest not save”. Other websites or dictionaries may define INS as insurance or any INS abbreviations such as Immigration and Naturalization Service in United States of America. If the abbreviation INS is a trademark, please refer to the disclaimer of this blog.In saving, you only need to keep your money but you are not making any profit from it. In investing, you are putting your money in an investment and expect a return.

But, you can never learn investing if you don’t know how to save money. There are many ways to save money easily. You can use a piggy bank or a bank account. If you have a self discipline in saving, your chances in successful investing will be very high.


INS – It’s Never Simple

INS, do not forget the letters. This will remind you that when you keep your money, make sure it will earn interest rates higher than inflation rates. There are many commercials that are using the statement “don’t just save, invest!”.

INS stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service or Insurance
INS-Invest Not Save: Photo Credit: Bill Gracey Under CC 2.0

What do you think about INS? Is it good or bad for your financial future? Think rich people, rich people don’t save money, they invest their money. The reason why they are getting richer is because they believe in the power of investing.

INS and the Rich People

On the other hand, poor people are afraid to invest their hard earned money. I remember what T. Harv Eker said in his book The Secrets of the Millionaires Mind, he stated; “Rich people play the money game to win, while poor people play the money game to not lose.”

Saving is for people who don’t want to lose their money but they are wondering their money isn’t growing or multiplying. Investing is for brave people who are willing to take risk, they are the rich people. If you want to become rich, invest your money, don’t just save it.

INS, invest not save! It’s Never Simple. I do hope you learn something from this page. To start learning financial education, please read the guide on how to invest money series of topics. May you have achieve financial freedom and become really financially independent.

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