Indian Bloggers are Talented, Knowledgeable and Skillful

Posted by Grace under General Info on April 9, 2016

My favorite Indian bloggers are listed in this page. Here are the most talented, knowledgeable and skillful bloggers from India. Take a look of their blogs!

I am not an Indian blogger. I just want to share my points and give compliments to every Indian bloggers. There are bloggers from India who are sharing their blogging tips. Honestly, I learned a lot from them.


Although they are not a native English speakers, their articles and blog post are awesome. Indian bloggers blogs are useful. One of the famous bloggers is the man behind

Lessons I learned from as a blogger is “simplicity”. The digital inspiration blog design looks like an ordinary blog. But when you browse the articles, there are useful stuffs out there.

Indian Bloggers are Good in Customizing and Optimizing

Indian bloggers love to share what they know on the internet. Some of them use blogger platform and some love to use WordPress. There are bloggers who can make blogs look like a WordPress blog. They are good at customization and designing.

Aside from customization, they prove to become a leader in search engine optimization. I know some bloggers from North America, Europe and other Asian countries who talks about SEO, but when I search for something related to SEO, the blogs from India are on the top spot.

I have learned a lot from This blog is a useful blog. It helps newbie not just to start blogging but to become a professional blogger as well.

Lessons I learned from is the way I should write my article. The bloggers of especially the founder are confidently writing articles using English language. If they can do it, I can do it, too. So, even if I am a not a English speaker, I should be like them using English grammar. Anyway, it’s not the grammar that counts, it’s the message! Thank you for boosting my confident in writing.

Indian Bloggers are Writing High Quality Blog Post

Many bloggers from India and around the world know about Neil Patel. I can say that this blogger is really a professional blogger. He is not after for money! Imagine teaching you what to do in a detailed way for FREE? It’s awesome! I mean, he is awesome!

Lessons learned from Neil Patel. If you want to be the best, provide the best! Don’t go after mediocre articles. Thrive to make high quality articles. What I have noticed about his articles is that they’re “lengthy” and “detailed”.

I have visited several blogs when I created this site. Honestly, many of them are founded by Indian bloggers. They teach me how to install a wordpress, how to perform on-page search engine optimization, how to insert codes in a post page, etc.

indian bloggers conference_mini

Image Credit: Harsh Agrawal on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

Really, Indian bloggers are talented, skillful and knowledgeable. What I also observe to every bloggers in India is that they are humble and friendly, too.

What about you? What can you say about Indian bloggers? From time to time I will update this blog post to compliment other bloggers from India who teach me different things related to blogging. Share this with your friends. Do not forget to leave a comment below!

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