How to Increase Your Confidence in Investing Money

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Want to increase your confidence in investing money? Here are the best ways on how to develop self confidence especially about finances – investing money. There are many readers of Investment Total who are well informed about the investment opportunities but still they are not taking action due to afraid of losing money. If you are one of these people who don’t know how to fight or overcome the fear of losing money, this article is for you.

According to the book of T Harv Eker – “secrets of the millionaire mind”, a rich investor will “play the money game to win” but poor people “will play the money game to not lose”. Give me another minute of your life spending to read this article consisting 1, 061 words. Thank  you! So, let’s start, are you ready?


5 Reasons Why You Are Not Investing Money

We have to know your great reasons why you are not yet investing money, the example below are the top complains, reasons and alibis of other people according to my own experiences when I introduced investing to other people such as my co-workers, friends and neighbors.

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First, do you have a rich mindset or poor mindset? If you just “play the money game to not lose”, it means you have a poor mindset. And one of our topics related to increasing your confidence in investing money is how to have a rich/millionaire mindset.

Second, financial literacy seminars or personal finance seminars for you are very expensive. If you want to overcome the fear of losing investment capital, attend seminars, it will boost your confidence about investing because your knowledge about financial literacy was increased. I familiarized the old saying when it comes to education – “if you think education is expensive, try IGNORANCE”.

Third, you have a lot of excuses and alibis. Actually nowadays, it only takes not more than half an hour to open an investment accounts, it is easy to open an investment account because of technology. One of your main reasons is you have “no money to invest” because you are only earning a minimum wage per day.

Fourth, you I have so many obligations and bills to pay every month such as tuition fees, utility bills and other expenses such as necessities. I have no extra money to invest. I have to provide first the needs of my family before that so called “investments”.

Fifth, okay, wow! Investing is great but I will do it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or when I hit the age 50. The problem is you forget what you have said “investing is great”. When the time comes, you will only realize that investing is great especially if you have no longer capable of working. That system is called “procrastination”.

As a Summary, here are your reasons why you’re not investing;

  • You do not want to lose money, that’s not a big deal because you have a poor mindset.
  • Financial literacy seminars are very expensive, you love to be ignorant rather than to be educated.
  • You are very good at making reasons and alibis, but making profits? – you are weak.
  • You only think the “today’s life”, but never dream to have a bright future. Okay fine, pay your bills and provide your family’s needs, but you don’t know how really great if you provide your family a great and wonderful future.
  • You agreed that investing is great but you are not yet investing because procrastination is always popping up in your mind.

How to Increase Your Confidence in Investing Money

You know the main reasons why you’re not yet investing or maybe you are already investing money, but, in a mediocre way. Find out now how to increase your confidence in investing money.

1. Have a millionaire mindset, investing, especially in the stock market today, isn’t only for the rich. It is for everyone, it is our rights to dream, to achieve financial freedom. Also, if you have a millionaire mind, you will start playing the money game to win and not “to not lose”.

2. When you already have a rich mindset, consider attending financial literacy or investing seminars, you know what, financial literacy seminars will really help you not just about finances, it will give you an opportunity to practice your “millionaire’s mindset”, poor people don’t even have an interest about financial seminars, who really cares? – the rich, and the “wanna be rich”.

It is good to buy whatever you want, but make sure you Pay Yourself First or know the value of every dollar or peso, to make that happen, read how far can your 2,500 per month investment take you?

Attend Investing Seminars

3. Take action do not delay your investing, attending seminars will only be useful if you will do what you have learned. In education, you don’t know what the teacher really means unless you do it yourself, or else you re just wondering all day long, why and how it works.

To know it why and how investing works, do it yourself. You will be more confident now, because you have attended financial literacy or investing seminars, you can’t do the investing yourself unless you are not listening in the seminars.

In our experiences (me and my husband), he took action immediately when he heard about investing, we build our emergency funds, bought insurances (life and health insurances), we pay our debts, we closed our credit cards, we open investing accounts in stocks, mutual funds and UITF and start tracking our family’s net worth, that’s why the title of this blog is or the total investments.

Increase your knowledge about the different types of investments and know how to spot the financial investment scam.

Actually, the proper money management help us to enjoy our daily lives while we are waiting for the financial freedom and building our target earning asset during retirement.

If you are thinking about the future, you will easily fight the fear of losing. Please remove from your vocabulary the word “losing”, believe me, you’re not a loser, you are a rich and successful investor. To boost your confidence 1,000,000% try to motivate yourself about financial freedom. Do not forget to walk or to run along the ROAD TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM immediately.

Now you know how to increase your confidence in investing money. To start with, compute your target earning asset during retirement and you will be shock how small amount can help you achieve financial freedom.

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