How to Increase Money by Investing?

Posted by Grace under Investing on March 28, 2016

Investing is one great way to increase individual’s wealth. Through investing, your money will multiply faster. Take note that we are not talking about saving money. There is a big difference between “investing money” and “saving money”.

In saving, your money will only increase once you add more. The most popular ways in saving money is by opening a savings account. Saving money is easy and it will only required minimum risks or no risks at all. But saving money can’t help you achieve your goal faster, because your money will increase slowly. Savings account can earn few interest. And believe me, saving money will not beat the inflation.


On the other hand, if there is a “saving”, there is also “investing”. How does it work? If you want to increase money fast, you must try investing. Here’s how it works like a charm.

  • You buy something that appreciates value.
  • You use money to make another money.

Increase Money by Investing 

You can increase money by investing in different types of investments. You can invest your money in a vehicle that earns high interest compare to just savings account.

Here are some of the investment vehicle that can help you increase your money;

  1. Invest money in paper assets like certificate of deposits, bonds, stocks and mutual funds.
  2. You can also increase your money by investing in real estate.
  3. Many people are investing money by buying a business franchise or starting their own business.

How to Increase Money by Investing?

Buy Something that Appreciates Value

If you are serious in increasing your money, you must lessen or avoid buying items or a thing that decrease their value. Example of things that appreciates value are stocks shares, mutual fund shares, real estate properties.

Start buying those things and soon you will increase your money once the market value of those things appreciates. If you buy XYZ stocks today with a price of $2 per share, and the stocks you owned increase its price at $3, your money (invested capital) increased.

In that example, your money didn’t increased literally. If bought 200 shares, that means you spend $400 and if you sell the stocks at $3, you will get $600. That means, your money increased $200. You earned $200 and that is your profit.

Use Money to Make Money

Investing is the process of using money to make another money. But now every people know how to use money to make money. They just know how to earn it and then spend it. In your case, since you want to increase your money, you should invest them.

Maybe you asked, how to use money to make money? There are lot of ways. Just make sure you buy something for profit. You buy something and expect a great return from what you bought.

Tips and Warnings

  • There are many investment vehicles available for you to increase your money. Before you invest, make sure you create an investment plan.
  • You can learn investing by reading investment books, reading blog like this, ask on forums and most of all attend investing workshops and seminars.
  • You must prepare the things to consider before investing such as emergency funds, life insurance and health insurance.
  • Invest in yourself. That means you must first educate yourself.


If you want to increase money by investing, you must analyze the return you can get to your investment. It is easy to invest money. But not all investment are the right investment for you. You must know the risks accompanied to an investment.

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