ICO Initial Coin Offering Vs. IPO Initial Public Offering

Posted by Grace under Investing on December 1, 2017

ICO Initial Coin Offering Vs. IPO Initial Public Offering is our trading and investing topics for today. ICO simply means Initial Coin Offering while IPO simply means Initial Public Offering. So what’s the difference? a lot.

In investing world, we have different terms used that are appropriate in IPO or Initial Public Offering whereas some terms are not appropriate in Initial Coin Offering or ICO. Example, in investing in stocks there are dividends, while in ICO investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, the term “dividends” is not present.


I have experience in both investing in IPO and ICO. Investing in ICO is quiet fun and interesting. I invest in Electroneum and buy some ripple coins by trading Bitcoin to other fastest growing cryptocurrencies. Here in our country, (Philippines), I usually buy stocks and IPO stocks at COLFinancial. The broker where I invest and trade stocks. I usually trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Kraken.

While in ICO, I usually searched new ICO, then browse the websites, analyze the plans, schemes, goal and objectives of the ICO and I review the offline paper.

ICO Initial Coin Offering vs. IPO (Profitable)

Maybe you will ask, which one do you think is the most profitable (ICO or IPO). In investing, it is up the investor how can he make his investing ventures become profitable. Thus, knowing is the part of the game. The more you know the more profits you can make.

Also, it is advisable to invest only on what you know. Do not invest because someone told you to invest in cryptocurrencies. Or you just buy ICO token because you think the token or coin is going viral.

Tips and Warnings for ICO Initial Coin Offering Investors

  • ICO is an initial coin offering, that means the coin is not successful or it is even getting started. many promotional will be roam around the internet during the token or ICO sale.
  • You bought new ICO coins, it doesn’t mean the new coin will go to the moon immediately. It may going viral or increase its price or it may become unusable or disappear.
  • There are many coins that are undervalued. Do not think a ICO or new coin will increase its price like BitCoin from cents to thousands of dollars. See how Bitcoin grow overtime by looking the BTC price to USD here.
  • Invest at your own risk in both ICO and IPO. IPO has products and services offered to many people while ICo is just a coin expecting it to increase its price.

Now you know what is ICO and IPO together with their benefits and how to invest in ICO and IPO. Stay tuned to Daily Trading and Investing Tips at InvestmentTotal.com! Thank you for reading! Good luck and happy hunting ICO and IPO.

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