I Will Become a MultiMillionaire

Posted by Grace under General Info on March 19, 2015

Someone told me I will become a multimillionaire someday. What would be your reaction if other people will tell you that you will become a multi-millionaire? It was happened to me this morning, someone approached me about stock exchange. He knows that I am investing my money in the stocks and trust accounts in the bank.I am very glad he’s interesting in investing. But, the problem is he is talking only to what I am doing in the stock market. Not, his own money. Sad to say, other people agree that investing in the stock market can make them a multi-millionaire, but they are not willing to take risk and invest their own money.

Conversation: Hey, how’s stock market? How much money did you invest? I am sure you will become a multi-millionaire someday.


My Response: I just smiled and tell him that the stock market today is doing great. Yes, sure, that would be true, I will be a multi-millionaire someday.

Someone told me I will become a multimillionaire someday.

Conversation | Credit: Kris Hoet CC 2.0

I Will Become a MultiMillionaire

As you have noticed, I didn’t reject nor response with doubt in mind. I responded with confident and sure. That moment, I applied the law of attraction. Since I know what I want and I know what I want to be, I can response confidently with whatever other people say. If they say negative, I think positive and tell positive things. If they say positive things such as “I would become a multi-millionaire someday”, I will agree and I feel like my power is increasing. I don’t control the positive things that may come into my life.

In personal finance world, there are things you can’t understand. But, if you will become more interesting in personal finance, you will discover its sweetness! I am discovering slowly the beauty of saving and investing money for my future. That’s all for today, applying the law of attraction. Say this to yourself; I will become a multimillionaire. Thank you for reading this page. Kindly share it with your friends so that they will also know on how to respond positively on whatever other people say to them.

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