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Posted by Grace under Money on October 3, 2014

I want to be rich and I am so sure about that! I just want to share to you my commitment on getting rich. Some people say “I want to be rich” but they are not committed to do whatever it takes to make more money and succeed. They are searching for a formula online or even on different business and finance books.

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Today, I will share to you how to become committed on your goals in life, and one of these goals is to become wealthy.  To become rich isn’t wrong, actually in the book “the science of getting rich” written by Wallace Wattles stated that

“There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life; and that desire is praiseworthy”.

I love reading books, from spiritual, self development to business and finance book. Year ago, I collected different business and finance book. These books had changed my life positively especially the books written by T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Francisco Colayco, Bo Sanchez, David King, Napoleon Hill and Wallace D. Wattles

I stopped for being a busy person, I read books heart to heart, opened my mind and analyze what’s really going on to my finances. I realized that I am just busy but not busy and committed in becoming a rich person.

I will also share with you how I became an investor. From zero knowledge, I took action from what I read. From zero balance (capital), it is amazing now that I am stock market investor, a shareholder in some mutual funds companies in the country and I have some investments trust account in the banks.

As you have noticed, do I just read books? I didn’t stop learning, I took action and see what will happen. I just follow the guide on the books and got it. The formula isn’t hard to follow, the formula in getting rich are “knowledge” + “specific goal” + “commitment” + “rich mindset” is equal to success.

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I Want to Be Rich 

I am not saying you can’t succeed even you don’t enter a college level. There are billionaires who are college drop outs. The funny thing is these drop out are the bosses and the ones who finished college degree are their employees.

Get knowledge on how to start a business, how to invest, and how to make more money. There are available references in the bookstore, libraries, and even online such as blogs and forums.

Specific Goal:
I ask myself when do I want to become rich? How much money to acquire to consider myself as rich? I computed my target earning asset here to be specific. I commit to be wealthy as soon as possible, because life is too short. I want to enjoy life at a younger age. At mid 40’s, I should acquire more than enough money to travel the world and enjoy its beauty.

The purpose why I want to become rich is to help other people and offer a lot things inside the church congregation to where I belong. I don’t want to become a “government’s liability”. To make it happen, I will help myself to acquire riches.

My principle, I will never leave my beloved country just to make money abroad. I can make the money I want even I am not working abroad for dollars, euro or whatever. I am committed to become rich in my own country.

What is a comment? Commitment – responsibility, obligations. Commitment is not an optional, it is not a choice. It is a “drive”, burning desire, enthusiasm, do whatever it takes to get what you really want in life.

I commit to become rich by doing obligations and responsibilities. What are these responsibilities? I will share to you one by one so that you may have an idea what is commitment all about.

I commit to make money every day.
Some people in my neighborhood telling me to rest, to stop working for a while. I just think, how can I retire young if I stop working for money so that sooner my more money will work hard for me. I never follow the principle: enjoy now and suffer in the future. I am committed to make P2,740 per day in 365 days. Do the Math, please.

I commit to manage my money properly every day.
I know to become rich, I should manage what I have today. I will manage my money even a single cent. I should know how to manage money properly in order to show to God that I deserve to handle more money. Some expert say – great money stewards. Learn how to manage your money properly today.

I commit to save money every day.
I commit to save money to get rich, but saving is not enough. Investing can make my money grow. However, I will never have a habit of investing if I don’t train myself to save money every day.

I commit to grow my money for the future.
I commit to invest my money every month. There are stocks investing, mutual funds, UITF out there. I just choose one or two to which I know I will become successful. I choose mutual funds and UITF. For the experts out there, stocks would be their choice. I am just using the power of leverage, using other people’s skills and talents to invest my money for me – although MF and UITF has certain fee. At least I have a lot of time to make money in my business ventures. I am growing my money through the different types of investments in the Philippines.

P2,500 per month in BDO UITF is enough for me to have an extra millions after 20 years. Imagine I am 20 years old. Simply means 20+20 = 40 years old (year for retirement). Have you read my specific goal as stated earlier? Read the future value of P2,500 per month investment.

I commit to stay healthy every minute.
Although I have life insurance, I still be careful on my everyday working. I am making sure that I am healthy. Spending money for an annual general check-up. It is too expensive to become unhealthy. Spending P5,000 a year for general check up is cheap. Spending 30 minutes of my time jogging per week is enjoyable and not expensive. I prefer cooking nutritious food in the house rather than buying instant unhealthy foods.

I commit to become happy every second.
I commit to become happy and rich. I should know, money will only follow my happiness. Some say, in order to become happy, one must become wealthy first. I should follow this principle stated: Becoming happy today is the best way to become rich.

Now, the question is how to get rich? I am not teaching you to join different rich quick scheme programs offered by networkers. I will answer your question directly and specifically on how to become really rich as you continue reading this article.

Millionaire’s Mindset
Getting rich isn’t easy. It is hard. But, when your body, mind and soul are committed in acquiring riches, everything is very easy. There are specific guide to follow here at InvestmentTotal.com;

1. Stop working for a while – go to a silent place, have a sound of silence. Maybe in your bedroom. Where in, you are the only person in that place. Make sure no one will disturb you. Think about your fast, your current situation. Analyze the problem. Pray to God. Cry, mourn if you want.

2. Think about what you really want in life – after you have prayed, have a list on what you really want in life. Just write them down. Make sure you have a pen and notebook in your hands. Things like; specific amount of money (example P10,000,000), a great relationship with your spouse and kids, a wonderful blessed family, a great career or business, more time with yourself and with your loved ones.

Another example, living in a peaceful and secured place, a luxury car, a house and lot, a profitable business and many more that you really want in life.

If you ask me what I really want, I will share it with you today.
I want P10,000,000 worth of investment in my mutual funds, another P10,000,000 investment in my UITF accounts and extra P5,000,000 stocks equity.

I want a white Ford Everest for my family, a red Toyota Corolla Altis, a black shiny BMW car, a house and lot with music room, 3 bedrooms, office for my blogging ventures, and mini library. (study room)

I want to earn P5,000,000 per year regularly in my businesses such as swine raising and business enterprises.

I want to have a healthy lifestyle, maintain my spiritual maturity, a great relationship with God and other people, helping my community. I want to travel the whole Philippines from Luzon to Mindanao in 3 years. I want to go abroad (Paris, New York, Hawaii) not for work but for pleasure experiences (that’s it)

I have a blessed family, a healthy kids. (Granted already). Thank you Lord.

3. After thinking, set a specific goal – you have to set a specific goal, thinking is just a part of this process. You should not stop in thinking, go and make a plan. What is your plan, when do you want to achieve your goal? When do you want to become rich? At age 45 or at age 65.

4. Think how rich people think -do what millionaires are doing
You have to have a millionaire mindset. You have to know how rich get richer. How they manage their finances. How do they think when it comes to making money? How do they treat other people? Are rich people happy and generous? Most of rich people are happy and generous like Warren Buffet – one of the most successful and rich investor in the world.

Work hard and invest what you have earned. Working hard isn’t enough, you must know how to grow your money so that you will never work hard in your entire life, instead, your hard-earned money will take your place and work hard for you..

Millionaires invest, millionaires take risk. Rich people do whatever it takes to acquire more riches. Millionaires play the stock market today, rich people invest in real estate, rich people are bosses, rich people are business owners not employees, rich people play their money in these different types of investments.

5. Be happy and rich – awhile ago, I stated “be happy first and the money will follow”. If your purpose why you want to become rich is to become happy, I think you better change that purpose beginning today. Money can guarantee you happiness and contentment, however, money is just an instrument to make you happy. Therefore, be happy first and the money will follow.

Are you happy on what you are doing? Are you happy when you are investing? Are you happy on what you get from the return on your investments? Are you happy in your present job or business? Are your customers happy? Are your clients happy? Happiness is everything.

6. Thank God with all your heart – get rich slowly by means of investing small amount of money for a specific period of time. Wait patiently. After you had reached your target or goal. Do not forget to praise Almighty God and give Him thanks for the wealth, health and happiness he had given you. Give thanks by offering or tithing – the holy offerings inside the church.

For employees, you can get rich on the internet using your free hours, by means of affiliate marketing, blogging, virtual assistant, website developer,game or apps developer.

Getting rich from home is also one of the best ideas for other parents, if you love foods, then try to sell foods in your local community. Some entrepreneurs are posting their products online like Facebook, they make a sale via online.

The best way to become really rich is by getting rich slowly. Do not look for investment opportunities or home based business that promises high returns. Avoid getting scammed by learning how to invest your money wisely. Here at InvestmentTotal.com, there are lot of guides to invest your money such as stock investing, mutual funds and UITF.

Quotes on “Get Rich” to Remember
Getting rich is not the result of saving, or “thrift”; many very penurious people are poor, while free spenders often get rich”.

There is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra and arithmetic.”

– Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

I Want to Be Rich and Become Successful

You have to develop your inner self, grow and learn. The successful people aren’t that too rich, some people are just rich but are not successful. Maybe, in terms of money, they are successful. What about the other aspects of life such as spiritual and relationship.

The key to become rich and successful is to live in a balanced. While you are acquiring rich, make sure that you have time for yourself, family and time for God.

The law of attraction taught us to learn and understand “prosperity” instead of poverty. Beginning today, talk about rich people, talk about expensive cars, net worth, real estate. Do not ever talk or watch movie that reflects poverty. It does make sense, actually a perfect sense.

Try to read finance blog such as InvestmentTotal.com. Try also to watch personal finance, read business and finance book, entrepreneur and money magazine like Forbes magazine.

Your commitment is to get rich now! Start investing today, start thinking about riches beginning today. Start planning and make a great move. After all, no one can help you, can understand you and give you what you really want in life. Only YOU – yourself. Claim happiness, success and prosperity from now on!

There are many things to study and learn when it comes to getting rich. The process is fun and enjoyable. Just commit yourself, let other people laugh at you, commit anyway, when you get rich don’t laugh at them, be humble, and teach them to become rich so that they will never complain to our beloved country’s government why they are poor.

When you get rich, sing the song of Frank Sinatra…”The records show, I took the blow and did it my way”.

As a summary;
The formula in getting rich: ”knowledge” + “specific goal” + “commitment” + “rich mindset” is equal to success.

When I am writing this article, it reminds me what I really want in life. I consider this article as one of my favorite piece written in my personal finance blog.

I hope you do enjoy this article and find it meaningful. Thank you readers and visitors. When you became rich, visit this blog and share your experiences.

As a guide on how to become rich, consider knowing on how to grow your money by choosing one of these types of investments.

I want to be rich! That’s all I know! Visit InvestmentTotal.com when you have free time and read some of my personal finance articles to be written by me. As a gift of thankfulness, please like my Facebook page, spread this article and let other people get rich, too.

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