I am Very Thankful to Lord God

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on January 23, 2016

Writing the things I am very thankful for will help me use the law of attraction to attract more good things in my life and become grateful to God.

Here are the lists of things I am very thankful for. Today is February 23, 2016. Here I want to think about the things that makes feel so good and grateful. I would like to thanks the Lord God for giving me these great things in my life. Actually some of the things I am very thankful for are not things, sometimes they can’t be seen. They just feel.


I know writing about the things I am very thankful for will make me feel good. I am not bragging these things. I just want to become grateful to God and to other people who help me achieve every little thing.

Things I am Very Thankful For

Thank you Lord for these lists of things you gave to me. Continue grant these things to my life so that I can always worship you. Let other people know that I have a living God.

Thank you Lord God for;

A happy family
A good health
A prosperous life
A faithful and understanding wife
Beautiful and healthy kids (Alexa and Faith)
Healthy parents
Mutual fund shares
Stock shares
2 Residential lots
My Ford Everest is coming soon
My 2 storey house and lot is coming soon
More good friends
A holy duty; a church organist
A good career
A good profession
An enjoyable job

So Many Things I am Very Thankful for

Thank you Lord God for this investing blog I have now that allows me to write and share my knowledge and skills. I promise to always worship you and give you thanks until the end of my life.

Thank you always guiding me to know what to do and what not to do. Thank you for making me felt blessed. Thank you for opening my eyes about how beautiful life is.

I will offer to You my 2 daughters, they will become church organist, too. I will train them to sing a song for you every day. I will train them to praise and worship you every day. I will to them all your greatness you did into my life.

A 24 hours is not enough to write all the things I am very thankful for. God is good all the time. I just want to thank Almighty God for everything. What about you? What are the things are you really thankful for? Write them in the comment box.

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