I Am Busy Right Now with Exams

Posted by Grace under General Info on November 5, 2015

I am busy right now because of other important things! This return on investment blog wasn’t updated within a week. I’ve been very busy this week for some important tasks in my job in school. I am busy with exams! Most of my time was spent in checking school papers and documents. Computing students’ grade and preparing for the 3rd quarter.

Blogging isn’t only my job. Actually blogging is just my hobby but I am making extra money with it. I am busy right now, that’s why I didn’t make any changes on this blog! Most of the time, my blogging income was spent on the Investment Total.com domain renewal and web hosting.
Maybe you are curious why I wrote about the 6 best things about return on investment blog. There are loyal readers who are excited to read the latest tips on investing and personal finance.


6 Things to Do When I Am Busy Right Now

For my readers and visitors, if you want to read interesting topics about “personal finance” and other related things about finance, just browse the categories.

The categories in this return on investment blog are;

1. Financial Management – browse finance archives if you want to know how to save money, budgeting and spend money wisely.

2. Investing for Beginners – browse the investing archive if you want to learn how to start investing in stocks, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, savings bonds, CD’s, etc.

3. Health Insurance & Life Insurance Guide – browse the insurance archives if you want to get tips on how to save money in buying insurance. There are also tips on how to choose the right insurance, the best life insurance companies and how to choose the best insurance agent.

i am busy right now

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4. Banking Tips – get the latest tips on how to safely bank online.

5. Loans and Grants – tips on how and where to apply for different loans like salary loans, small business loans, student loans, pay day loans, emergency loans, home loans, car loans, calamity loans, etc.

6. Real Estate Investing – tips and tricks on how to start investing money in real estate investment properties.

7. Business – read business articles and information plus tips on how to become a successful entrepreneurship.

8. Money Matters – join the discussions about money. In this discussions, my beloved readers, you can read some good thoughts about “money and love”, “wealth and health”.

I will write more articles , tips, tricks that can answer different questions on different topics particularly questions in “investing” when I have more extra time. Sorry because I am busy right now! See you in my next update! If you want to get the latest updates in Return On Investment blog, kindly subscribe via email newsletter now. It’s 100% FREE. Thank you!

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