HYIP Websites that Accepts PayPal Payments?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 20, 2016

One of the most asked question in HYIP is that why there no HYIP websites that accept PayPal? Why PayPal don’t accept any payments from HYIP websites?

A friend of mine is addicted in investing in HYIP, he is profits out of high yield investment programs schemes online. Well, how can he make money? Want to know his secret?


While I am chatting with him, I talk to him how much money he is making in HYIP and how fast he can make sure profits?

He said “before I put money in HYIP, I will make sure that the HYIP is paying. I will invest today and withdraw my capital as soon as possible so that whatever happens to HYIP website, my investment funds are safe”.

He added; “Once I get the capital, I will keep on making withdrawals for my earnings. I will not reinvest the profits. If you want to make money in HYIP, control your emotions and don’t be greedy”.

HYIP Websites that Accepts PayPal Payments

During our conversation. I asked how did he invest? What is the procedures? He said “you need to have online payment processors like SoildTrustPay, Payza, LibertyReserve, etc”. I asked him if there are HYIP websites that accepts PayPal funds.

Unfortunately, PayPal funds is not accepting payments for HYIP websites. Maybe it is because the company (PayPal) wants to protect his clients from any “scams” online.

Among every online payment processors, PayPal is the most strict payment programs. Maybe, PayPal admin really wants to protect its clients because HYIP schemes are not safe investments. I really like PayPal. Actually I used PayPal when buying products and services online.

So, the answer to the question “is there any HYIP websites that accept PayPal payments?” is none. If PayPal will allow its members to use the funds for HYIP, maybe most HYIP will accept PayPal payments. It is because PayPal is the mos popular and biggest online payment processor.

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