HYIP Online are Not Good Investments

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 6, 2016

HYIP online or high yield investment programs online are not good investments. Noone wants to lose money fast. In HYIP investing, your investment capital will lose quickly. There are legitimate high yield investment programs online. However, most HYIP are scam. Read this to protect your investment on scams and fraud.

Today, let me share to you my story when I started investing in HYIP online. I started trying to put some money in HYIP. I begin investing with an amount of $200.00 using my Liberty Reserve account, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay (now PayZa).


Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust Pay and Payza are online payment processors wherein you will be able to cash out or to cash in. To receive earnings or HYIP profits you must have online payment processors.

Before you begin trying HYIP, learn how does HYIP works so that you will have an idea on how to invest and what not to do when you already funded your HYIP account.

Why HYIP Online are Not Good Investment?

First of all, like what I said earlier, most high yield investment programs are scams. They are not a good investment. Don’t try it even HYIP websites will promise you to earn 300% return on investment in 3 days.

We all know that an average return per year is 8 percent. How come HYIP websites offers 300 percent return? Something smelly, right? So, be careful.

Spotting HYIP Online Scams

Maybe one of your friends in Facebook are playing high yield investment programs online. Maybe you are seeing him he is making a lot of profits out of investing money in HYIP. Now, you want to know how to spot HYIP scams.

There are many HYIP monitors wherein you can track the status of a specific HYIP if it is paying or not paying. Even if a HYIP is paying today, most of them when you create an account and fund your account using your online payment processors, they will close the website immediately. You can’t get your money back because the program is already closed.

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Should I Invest Money in HYIP Online?

This is a “common sense” question. Why should you invest money in HYIP? To get rich quick? To make a fast return on investment?

Investing in HYIP is like a investing “suicide”. It is a form of “online gambling”. You are not sure until the program will pay their members. So, instead of putting your money in HYIP, try investing money in stocks or mutual funds.

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