HYIP Monitors Tricks to Get More Investors Revealed

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 6, 2016

Here I want to share the tricks of HYIP monitors on how they attract investors. HYIP Online are not good investments online. Most of high yield investment programs are scams. I mentioned in my previous article that if you want to know legit or paying HYIP, you should find them on HYIP monitors wherein these websites will track the status of HYIPs if they are still paying or turned scam.

If most HYIP are scam, probably most HYIP monitors are also “scam”. The owners of these websites are making fast money when they invited new investors.


HYIP Monitors Attract New Investors

Assuming you have a website that track HYIP, what’s the reasons why you are tracking the status of HYIP? Isn’t it to make money?

How do you make money out of tracking HYIP status? Simple, a many HYIP has an affiliate programs wherein if you will register with them, you will get your affiliate links and once you invited someone and invest money, you will earn commissions.

HYIP monitors has bunch of HYIP affiliate or referral links. Most of HYIP monitors are not investing big amount, they put small amount of money to track the status of HYIP. For as low as $1, they can find out if the HYIP is paying or not.

HYIP Monitors Tricks Revealed

Now, the trick is this. They will use their referral links and put them on their HYIP monitors. A HYIP monitor will show the paying HYIP and then, the visitors (people who are looking for paying HYIP) will visit HYIP links, create an account and start investing big amount.

Imagine if the referrer will get 25% for each money deposited by the newly recruit investors. If a newly member will invest $200, the referrer will get $50. What if the HYIP monitors has 100 recruits (newly investors), a easy $5,000 earnings.

Now you are informed that HYIP monitors are making some tricks how they attract investors. Beware or if you can, stay away to high yield investment programs.

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