How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money Effectively? (4 Steps)

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Knowing how to use the law of attraction for money is one of the best decision you made in your life. Many people wants to make a lot of money but don’t know that there is a hidden secret on how to have a lot money. The law of attraction is real. Whether we’re talking about money, health or relationship, the law of attraction does really work.

While I am reading the book entitled “The Secret”, I found out that there is a exclusive page about law of attraction. I learned a lot on how to use the law of attraction for money with this book. Thanks a lot for the author and contributor who make “The Secret” not a secret.


How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money Effectively to See Great Results?

The law of attraction reveals. Here I want to give you an idea on how to use the law of attraction for money. If you want to attract money (more money) into your life, read further. Follow this procedures if you want to attract wealth in your life. There is a secret in getting rich.

Step 1. Change your mindset from poor to rich mindset. The law of attraction will only work if you know how to use your thoughts and feelings effectively.

Remove to your vocabulary that rich people are greedy, selfish and they get rich because of illegal activities. Admire rich people beginning today. Whenever you saw someone drives a luxury car, say this “bless you man, you deserve it”. Whenever you saw a happy family living in prosperity, bless that family. Whatever you bless and admire, you attract it.

Step 2. Turn Thoughts Into Things. How can you make your thoughts into things? How to turn a BMW car in your mind into a real BMW car? Here’s how to do it.

Close your eyes. Think about your favorite car (say BMW). feel happy, feel good. Imagine yourself driving that BMW car. Imagine many people are looking at you and you are smiling at them while waving your hand and say Hi, how are you doing! Imagine your wife or GF or your parents are with you now. You take them into their favorite place or anywhere they want driving your brand new BMW car.

Now, let’s make this things clear. You are just making your imagination. But mind you, it’s effective. Using the law of attraction for money is somewhat easy.

Close your eyes. Imagine you are going to the bank wearing the most expensive dress or suit in the world. Now, imagine you are walking with your body guard inside the bank and pull your million dollars and save it in your bank account. Just use your imagination. No limit. Be creative.

how to use the law of attraction for money

Image Credit: Pictures of Money on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr — Money

Step 3. Create a Dream Board. Dream board has a big impact to your life. You will get what you want in life if you know what you really want in life. Dream board can be useful in attracting money using the law of attraction.

How to Create a Dream Board for Law of Attraction?

  • Buy a illustration board.
  • Cut any pictures in magazines.
  • Cut the things that you want. (example: more money, luxury car, grand vacation, happy family, health body, good relationship, luxury lifestyle, etc.)
  • Make your dream board visible to you and to your visitors in the house.
  • Paste it in the wall.

It reminds you what you want and other people will remind you what you want because they know already what you want. Dream board is very useful and effective, believe me. I have a dream board. I slowly getting what I want. In my dream board I paste a picture that reminds me to increase my newt worth. In few months, my net worth increase.

Step 4. Take Action. The law of attraction for money will be more effective if you will work for it. “If you want something, go and get it”. I know you are familiar with that lines from Will Smith in the movie.

Your worst enemy in using the law of attraction for money is your mind. Control your mind. Be sure. Make believe. Believe in yourself that you can get what you want. Believe in yourself that you deserve to become rich, to have a lot of money and to live your life in prosperity.

Tips and Warnings – Using the Law of Attraction for Money

  • Don’t be a negative person. if you want to attract positive results, be positive.
  • Don’t be too in a hurry. The law of attraction will be more effective if you know how to patiently wait.
  • Avoid negative people. If other people belittle your ambition, avoid them or don’t mind them. In the end, those negative people or those who belittle your ambition will stay poor and you get rich.
  • Stop think “negative”. Use these words to your vocabulary; “what if I can’t”, “what other people will say”, “this will not work”, “I have no money”. Any words that can make you in “doubt”, remove it.

Think More Money, You’ll Get More Money

As a final summary, here’s the suggestion on how to use the law of attraction for money. Have a rich mindset and positive thinking. Start learning to use your imagination. Practice makes perfect. The law of attraction works. What you think is what you get. What you feel is what you get. Think more money and you will get more money. Think more debts and you will not get out of debt. Take advantage of having a dream board. It reminds you what you want in life. And finally, take action. Watch your thoughts, your action and your feelings so that the law of attraction will give you a favor.

I hope you liked what I wrote in this guide on how to use the law of attraction for money. Try the law of attraction to attract wealth, to attract good life, to attract good relationship and to attract anything you want in life.

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