How to Use Facebook and Apply the Law of Attraction?

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Know how to use Facebook and apply the law of attraction to money, health, happiness, love, success and anything that you want to attract in life.

Interesting topic for today is about using Facebook to use the law of attraction. Making friends, greeting friends, saying hi and hello, posting quotes, pictures and videos. That’s the common activities most Facebook users are doing.


Facebook has billions of users. Facebook is one of the most successful social networking sites when it comes to popularity and “profitable online business”.

Not all Facebook users are familiar with the law of attraction. Let us first discuss some important things about Facebook and the Law of Attraction.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Obviously, it was created for online socialization! A website use to connect to other people, to find people, to make a business through advertising. It is based in United States. And it is one of the top tech stocks in USA.

What is the law of attraction? It is the process on how an individual attracts what he want and what he don’t want in every areas of his life.

Take note of that definition. “Wants and Don’t Wants”. That simply means, people are not aware whether he is attracting the things they want or attracting the things they don’t want.

Things Needed

  • Facebook Account
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages

How to Use Facebook and Apply the Law of Attraction

No doubt you already see pictures and videos about health, sex, money, success, career, life and relationship. In Facebook, you are allowed to post anything, write anything! Take advantage of that opportunities.

However, even if you are posting good vibes, some of your friends or other users might post bad vibes. The effect? You want to feel good, but you’ll end in feeling bad because you see “inappropriate”, “bad”, “worst”, “negative” pictures and videos and even text that only help you to create “negative thoughts”.

Have you ever seen in Facebook some pictures or videos about “killing”, “dying”, “accident”, “text related to unhealthy relationship”, “poverty”, “unsystematic politics”, “complaints”, “discontentment”, “lack of money” or promoted videos that will only kill your positive thoughts? Don’t deny it. They are everywhere. Whether you are in the Facebook homepage, looking for friends’ pictures, visiting Facebook groups or looking for the updates of your favorite Facebook page, “bad pictures” are there.

How to Use Facebook and Apply the Law of Attraction

Facebook Account that Counts Blessings Not Trouble

How many Facebook account do you have? Personally I have two accounts. The first one is intended for socialization, connecting with friends and the other one is intended to use to promote

But both have the same settings. How can you make your Facebook account help you count your blessings not your trouble?

If you want to apply the law of attraction in every areas of your life, you must observe what you always write, what do you always hear, what do you always see and what do you always think about. In Facebook, you write, you hear videos, you see photos, and you think about the “status” of your friends.

I don’t want to mislead you on our discussion. This topic is about the law of attraction and taking advantage of using Facebook to attract good things in life.

I am not saying, you will also change your settings in your Facebook timeline, like the Facebook pages I liked or join the Facebook groups I joined. I am saying that using Facebook can help you apply the law of attraction.

I noticed some changes in my life. I am an investor and planning to get rich. My net worth increased and I acquired assets. Yes, it is because I apply the law of attraction. It was 2013 when I change the way I use Facebook.

Before, I used to like and share every status of my friends whatever it is. Even if the text or pictures shows “negative” things. Just for the sake of socialization, when someone updates his status and complaining about the government, I commented and make the status “worst”.

Example of what I usually did. A friend of mine update his status said; “President X is abnormal, he don’t even noticed that there are many poor people in this country, he is a corrupt”.

I commented “I agree, if he will just use the funds for every citizens, there are no more poor people in this country, corruption is the root of poverty, I am sick and tired to wait for the trustworthy president.”.

What have you noticed? The word poor, abnormal, corrupt, poverty, sick, tired are bad thoughts. I make the discussion even worst. The status shows bad vibes and I added more negative bad words.

On 2013, I usually post text on my status saying “thank you”. I also changed some settings. The idea is just to see good vibes whenever I log on to my Facebook account. And the results after 3 years? My net worth increased almost 200% and I acquired more assets. Cool right? It’s not just cool, it’s awesome! And I am way to my first million! Followed by other millions! My big thanks to Almighty God and to the Facebook friends, pages and groups who change my thoughts into positive one.

Want to know how I did it? Don’t tell me you don’t want. You are my friend and I am a friend. is for everyone. Anyway, if you are not interested to continue reading this post, close this window. Thank you for wasting 3 minutes of your time reading this.

For those interested people! Here’s what you should do to use Facebook and apply the law of attraction.

1. Go to facebook newsfeed. The Facebook newsfeed is the page wherein you will see what other people posted in their timeline, groups, and pages. Also, you will see sponsored pages a.k.a advertisements.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team are geniuses. You know what, it is possible to see only good vibes, great pictures, awesome videos and even text that has something to do in your life, in your success, in your health, in your career and even in your relationship.

Imagine whenever you are at the Facebook homepage, you will see;

A car crash, plane crash, motorcycle accident, etc.
Family live in poverty
Youth complaining to government
Farmers lack of rice to eat (how come).
A single man or woman complaining why he/she is still single
A unhappy employees complaining low salary
A sick people worrying he don’t have money for hospital bills
A non-sense status sharing why his/her parents don’t even love him/her
A group of men bullying other man
A forest fire and a fish catching using dynamites
A censored videos and images showing naked girls or naked boys
A celebrity news that has nothing to do in your success
A celebrity involved in adultery
A child raped his mother or even his grandmother
A basketball player kicking other players’ ass
A human attacking other human verbally and physically
A war between nations or a war inside the country.
Street children sleeping in a dangerous and hazardous street
A poor begging for money
A human degrading other men, environment and other creatures like pets, birds etc.
A poor man stealing other people stuffs
A conference showing how greedy and corrupt a leader is
WTH… are these things?

These things can lead us to miserable and unhappy life. It shows negative things. We all know that thoughts are suddenly turn into reality (a real thing). I will explain to you this matter later.

The question is how can you combat these negative things shown in text, pictures, videos and even in an ads? Simple; all you need to do is;

2. Unfollow, Unlike. To unfollow and to unlike is not a sin. Noone can tell you what you want to like or what do you want to show in your timeline or in Facebook feeds.

Here’s what I did. Whenever I log on to Facebook and see negative vibes, I will make sure I will hide this person in Facebook newsfeed. When this person has new post, I will never see it.

When you see a pictures, videos or text that are showing negative vibes, just press the dropdown arrow at the upper right of that person and press “unfollow blah blah”, or “hide notifications from blah blah”.

You will be amazed on the results when you always hide or unfollow other people who post bad vibes. When I did this, no one left in the newsfeed. It’s okay! As long as my purpose is to use Facebook and apply the law of attraction. So, what I did is follow the most important pages I like. There are only three pages updates show in the newsfeed.

Here are they;

1. T. Harv Eker
2. The Secret
3. The Law of Attraction

Find their Facebook pages, like them and show their updates in newsfeed. Believe me, your mind will get more knowledge. These three pages are good combinations. Here’s the reasons why;

T. Harv Eker – he is the author of the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He will teach you how to think big, dream big whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur or just an ordinary employee. He will really change your mind. When I read his book, I go to Facebook and immediately search his page.

The Secret – I have The Secret book written by Rhonda Byrne, there are many useful tips that I learned from this book. I don’t want to forget those lessons that’s why as a follow up, I liked The Secret on Facebook and read their updates. They share inspirational stories (note: inspirational not miserable stories) on how people changed their lives for the better.

The Law of Attraction – This Facebook page share different photos, videos and tips on how to apply the law of attraction using different sources and a tips from their official website.

It is also helpful if you will only follow the influential people or the successful people wherein you will get more knowledge. You can follow Robert. T. Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Anthony Robins, Jack Cannfield, ect.

Just make sure you follow only the pages or people who share positive thoughts. Another things I did is that I joined different Facebook pages that allows the members to share investing tips, insurance buying tips and even personal finance tips.

They say “birds with the same feather flock together”. That’s true. Try to mingle with poor mindset on Facebook, and you will only read negative words. But, when you join Facebook groups like “Millionaire’s Club” or “Personal Finance and Investing Club”, you will have a rich mindset.

Don’t just join Facebook groups. Those groups that has something to do to your plans and goals. Those groups that can help you increase your knowledge in investing, personal finance or anything related to your interest.

Tips and Warnings

When using Facebook, don’t just socialize. Socialize to people who can help you become a better you.
If you want to use the law of attraction while using Facebook, be careful on what you like, follow, share, comment to, or to the pictures, videos and text you are seeing and reading.

In Facebook, the rule “what you see is what you get” also applies. If you always see poverty, you will get poverty. If you always see complaints, soon you will complain, too. If you always see sickness, you will get sick. Believe me it’s true!

If you always chat to negative and poor people, you will become a negative person, too. Try to chat with people who has a rich mindset, and your money will increase like magic!


I don’t understand why there are many people who are not grateful on what they have. They always see the things they don’t have. I am curious why many Facebook users, instead of sharing good vibes, they share negative thoughts.

Maybe they are not familiar with law of attraction. They don’t even know that their thoughts will turn into things. Now, you know that whatever you see or read on Facebook will somehow become a part of your mind, and the good news is whatever things you want to put in your brain, will turn into a real thing.

So, instead of seeing poverty, try to see prosperity. Instead of seeing miserable family, try to see happy and rich family. Tired of being single? Then, start seeing a happy couples. Do you think your family or parents don’t love you? It’s not true! It’s just on your mind. Start seeing happy and proud parents or proud child.

From now on, if you want to apply the law of attraction. Don’t just apply it in workplace, in your house, in public places, in school. It is also recommended to apply to law of attraction on the internet.

So, it’s your turn. Give yourself a break! Unfollow, unlike those people or pages that don’t help you make a better YOU. Start receiving good thoughts, start feeling good whenever you log on to Facebook. Just follow the steps mentioned in this page on how to use Facebook and apply the law of attraction.

Let me know your comments about this! Share your thoughts and opinions below! Why not share this on Facebook, anyway it’s worth sharing it! I am sure your friends will thank you for sharing this simple law of attraction tips!

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