How to Stop Corruption in Government?

Posted by Grace under General Info on April 4, 2016

Actually there are only three steps to follow on how to stop corruption in government. By the way, what is a corruption? Are every politicians or leaders corrupt? We will answer these questions one by one. I wrote this topic because you and me are trying hard to select the next president. We choose the presidential candidate with integrity and previous no corruption cases. Read this! Who knows, few years from now you will become a law maker or the next president.

What is a corruption in government? Corruption simply means not using the government funds for its purpose and only put the funds in someone else pocket. The keyword is “someone”.


The government fund should be use for the benefits of “many” people, not only for the benefit of “some” or “one”.The government funds should be use for the development of a country. For county’s progress. The government funds should be use for;

  • Infrastructure
  • Electricity
  • Agriculture
  • Education

When a Leader is Corrupt?

A leader will consider a corrupt if he will declare the price of the materials used higher than what he really pays for it. Also, a leader is a corrupt if he will use the government funds to buy properties for his own family or for his own sake.

Now you have an idea what is a corruption all about. And you already know when a leader is committing a “corruption”.

how to stop corruption in government

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How to Stop Corruption in Government?

Step One. Corruption Law

There should be a certain corruption law. A law that will make every leaders such as the president, vice president, senators, congressmen, head of different government agencies or any government employees afraid to steal government funds.

Step Two. Hard Punishment

There are two types of punishment in this world. There is a light punishment that will not teach a criminal anything. A criminal or a corrupt leader will steal government funds over and over if he will just in prison for 5 years or worst, one week.

And the second punishment is the hardest that can teach everyone a lesson. The lifetime imprisonment or the death penalty. Do you think death penalty or lifetime imprisonment is appropriate for “corruption cases”? I think yes!

Step Three. Salary Increase

This may not be effective compare to death penalty and lifetime imprisonment. If the government employees or leaders has high salary or high income, they will think twice to steal government funds. Give government employees what they want. They want more, give more!

They will keep on stealing government funds because they are not contented on what they earn. Unless, they are greedy and self-centered, they don’t care for high salary!


These three will be the best solution if you want to stop corruption in the government. Don’t just choose one, the “corruption law”. Try to make a law and beak it without getting punished. People will only laugh at you. Create a law and create a hard punishment for those people who didn’t follow the law.

If you combined the three, there will be a perfect solution to stop corruption. Imagine, how can a government employees steal government funds if he is contented in his salary and he will be afraid to do so because he know if he will be in prison for lifetime, and worst, deal with a death penalty punishment.

This is a bright idea, right? Tell your friends about this page. What about you? What do you think is the best way on how to stop corruption in the government? Tell us your brilliant idea in the comment box below!

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One comment on “How to Stop Corruption in Government?

  1. John Sebastian says:

    This is a powerful tips among politicians. Thanks for this post Grace, more power to

    I just wish there will be no more corrupt leaders. I think, death penalty and lifetime imprisonment can be use for criminal cases related to illegal drugs and homicides.

    For corruption cases, it is not appropriate but it is effective. Just my 2 cents.

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