How to Solve Money Issues in a Marriage

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on July 31, 2015

Whether you like it or not, you will meet a marriage conflicts. And one of these marriage conflicts is “money”. It is easy to solve money issues in a marriage as long as both partners have plans and a clear goal on what to do with their finances.

Today, let this simple guide and advice be useful for you to save your marriage. This post should be our first topics on “money” group and “money problems with solutions and answers” collections of articles.


how to solve money issues in a marriage

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To start with, let us first analyze why the couples encountered money problems. Here are the few of those reasons why;

  • Maybe the husband is the only one who generate income.
  • A wife make more money than the husband.
  • There are many bills to be paid.
  • Huge debt for both partners.
  • The husband and wife don’t know money management.

We have the solution to solve any money problems in a marriage. The following ideas are just my opinion. You can follow it to save your marriage.

  • Talk. Discuss with your partner what you should do to your finances. While discussing financial matters, make sure you include your financial goal, retirement, child education, your dream house, your dream car and your dream vacation.
  • Plan Ahead. You can hire a certified financial planner to guide and help you on what to do to prepare your retirement years.
  • Love Each Other. Let the love and sex keep on flaming! Both husband and wife make a vow during the time of their wedding day. You have to love each other for health and sickness, for ups and downs, for better or worst, for a lifetime.

Any money issues in relationships can find an easy solution by discussing it with your partner. Do not tolerate any negative thoughts to come in your minds. Those negative thoughts such as marrying a rich guy and file a divorce with your husband. It will only ruin your life especially when you have already kids.

How to Solve Money Issues in a Marriage

Trust me, if you are reading bible, God didn’t allow divorce. Why should you follow people’s law if your God will get mad at both of you (husband and wife). If God is with you, you will always be bless with prosperity, great relationship, good health and happiness. Although there are money issues in the family, you can solve it.

  • Know how to increase your family income.
  • Live within your means. Lessen the cost of your lifestyle. Buy only your needs not “wants”.
  • Save and invest for your financial future. Retirement funds and college education funds of your kids.
  • Do not forget to build emergency funds. Use this emergency funds when emergencies arises.
  • Build your own business. If both husband and wife are employees. Try to spend some time to talk about starting your business. Consider this business as a family business. If a wife is only staying at home, try to find ideas on how you can generate money at home.

Assuming you don’t love each other and you both agree in divorce. If you will not change your attitude in money, the same issues will again rise in second marriage. But, the first solution should not be divorce. Follow the given ideas mentioned here and surely you will save your marriage.

It is so great if you and your partner will achieve your goal. Do one thing at a time. Remember, you have to save your marriage for the sake of God’s law and because you love your kids. Which one would you choose? You are rich but have a broken family or you are rich with a happy family. If you will ask me, I will choose to become happy and rich.

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