How to Sleep with Your Eyes Open?

By Grace

Want to know how to sleep with your eyes open? Are you kidding? You can’t sleep with your eyes open! Me and my friend are chatting on Facebook, he asked me how can I sleep with my eyes open…I just said, it’s impossible! Maybe you think it’s possible. Have you tried it? Then, share your experience using the comment box.

I tried it many times, but I think I am not sleeping. Because every people should sleep with their eyes closed. Don’t fooling around because you, me or anyone can’t sleep with their eyes open. If ever they can, I guess they are not sleeping, but disguising they are sleeping. Here’s my suggestion if you want to do it.

how to sleep with your eyes open

Image Credit | Sleeping Beauty by Tambako the Jagua on CC 2.0

How to Sleep with Your Eyes Open?

Step 1. Don’t do anything, sit down or lay down in the bed.
Step 2. Don’t think anything, just breathe and relax.
Step 3. You will know you’re sleeping if your brain will stop thinking.

What can you say about this guide? Does it make sense? Have you tried it yourself? Let me know your thoughts about this! Thank you!


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