How to Show COL Financial Account Portfolio?

Posted by Grace under Investing on May 21, 2016

Do you want to show your COL Financial account portfolio? Want to know how much money do you still have in your account? There are only two steps to do this activity.

In your COL Financial account portfolio, you will know the percentage allocated in a particular stocks you bought. The market price of the stock, the total shares you have, market value, the gain or loss of a specific stocks. Also, you will have an idea about your total equities and its gain or loss. And the performance of your portfolio whether it is gaining or losing.


Things Needed:

You can open your COL Financial account portfolio using your high end mobile device, your laptop, your desktop as long as you have an internet connection.

How to Show COL Financial Account Portfolio?

1. Log on to your COL Financial account. Use your user ID and password.

open col financial account portfolio

2. You will be redirected to your COL Financial account home page. Hoever your mouse in “Trade” navigation bar and press “portfolio”.

3. Review your COL Financial account portfolio.

col financial portfolio

It is easy to analyze what is in your COL Financial account portfolio. It is also easy to know whether you are losing or making profit form your stocks.

Tips and Warnings

Do not share your user ID and password to other people. Clear your cookies after you logged in to public internet connections. Just press CTRL + SHFT + DEL.

If you can’t log on to COL Financial, maybe you have a slow internet connection or the website is in maintenance mode. If you have any questions and concerns with regards to your account, call the customer service hotline at (+632) 6-515-888.

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