How to Send Money to India?

Posted by Grace under Money on September 27, 2015

Want to send money to India? Sending cash from other countries to India is very easy. All you need to do is to choose on one of these ways on how to send money online, bank to bank, popular remittances or find legitimate international money transfer services. Maybe you’re from Canada or USA and you want to send money to your relatives in India. Maybe this is the first time you work abroad and you received your first paycheck and want to share some portions of your salary to your loved ones in India.

Warning: Do not send money to India via online transactions if you are not familiar and don’t know how does it work. You better send cash to India through popular remittances like Western Union, Xoom, MoneyGram or send money by asking your preferred bank on how to transfer money from your account to your relatives bank account in India.


Things Needed when Sending Money to India

Cash – Decide how much money you want to send. Make sure you bring extra for remittance charges or other transaction charges.

Valid ID – You can bring your passport or your employer ID.

You can choose one of these popular remittance services. Some of these may offer online transaction. Compare the service rates and fees. Also, compare the exchange rates.

  • Xoom
  • Western Union
  • CompareRemit
  • World Remit
  • Remitly
  • RIA Money Transfer
  • Transfer Wise
  • Moneygram
send money to india

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Ways to Send Money to India

Find remittances that has a logo of the company you want to use when sending money. Example, you want to send money to India through Western Union, all you need to do is to look for a Western Union logo.

You can also go to any bank in USA or Canada (assuming you’re in USA and Canada), and try to ask the bank how can you send money to your savings account to your bank account in India. Compare the lowest service charge rates. I know credit card also works, if you have credit card that you opened in a particular country, you can send money to other credit card account in India.

What can you say about this guide? How do you usually send money to India? Do you use traditional remittances wherein you will fill up some form about the information of the amount of money to be send, the name of the sender and the name and address of the recipient.

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