How to Sell Stuff Online?

Posted by Grace under Business on March 23, 2016

Want to know how to sell stuff online? Do you know the benefits you can get when you sell your stuffs on the internet? This post will give you an idea about buying and selling stuff online plus some information on how to post a good adverts for your items.

Why selling stuff online is very easy? It is very easy because people nowadays are just looking for items to buy on the internet. They really want convenient shopping. Of course convenient shopping can be done online. All they have to do is to browse items, contact the seller and pay the item using their credit card and wait for the stuff to be deliver in their house.


Things Needed

If you want to sell stuff online, you need to prepare the following things;

  • Email Address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Payment Processor Account (PayPal)
  • Buy and Sell Website Account

You need email address when you are registering or opening an account in a buy and sell websites. You need a mobile phone as your contact information. This is how your customers can reach you when they are interested to buy your stuffs.

You also need a payment processors like PayPal. If you have no PayPal account, you can use other payment method like remittances via Western Union or bank account transactions. You should have an account to buy and sell websites that allows you to post your stuff.

Stuffs to Sell Online

Maybe you think and asked, what are the items should I sell online. What are the fast selling products on the internet? Okay, here are some of the most popular and most bought items online;

  • Used Cars
  • Second Hand Cellphone
  • Used Digital Camera
  • Brand New or Pre-Owned DLSR Camera
  • Slightly Use Musical Instrument
  • Beauty Products like Gluthathione or Whitening Soap
  • Health Products like Weight Loss Pills or Slimming Pills
  • House and Lot
  • Toy Collections

Where to Sell Stuff Online

After you decided what items to sell online, you should find “buy and sell websites”. These websites allows you to post an ad and sell your stuff online.

Image Credit: American Advisors Group on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

Image Credit: American Advisors Group on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

List of buy and sell websites;

  • Craiglist
  • OLX
  • AdPost
  • USFreeAds
  • Kijiji

Other people are selling their stuffs online via Facebook. They asked their friends or their fans to buy the items for sale. Facebook is one of the best place or website to sell stuffs on the internet.

Effective Ad Posting

If you want to sell stuff online very fast, you need to post an effective ad to the sites I mentioned above. What makes an ad very effective. Here is the checklist on how to create an ad post related to your stuff that you want to sell on the internet;

  1. Make sure you create a great ad headline.
  2. Start writing a catchy description.
  3. Do not forget to mention the quality or the condition of your stuff.
  4. Convince other people by talking about your reasonable price. State in your ad post that the price is slightly negotiable.
  5. Insert Images in your ad post.
  6. State your location and tell other people how to contact you.
  7. Tell your mode of payment. Be descriptive about the transaction charges.
  8. Tell the reasons for selling the items.
  9. Do not create fake adverts.

Example of Ad Post that Sell Stuff Online

Title: Used Car for Sale in Brooklyn New York

Description: It has a low mileage. A very good interior and exterior look (see attached photos). Lady owned. This (car model here) was highly maintained and not flooded. It includes insurance. The price is slightly negotiable.

How to Sell Stuff Online?

Here is the step by step guide on how to sell stuff online;

  1. Create ad post effectively.
  2. Answer queries immediately.
  3. Talk and transact.
  4. Receive payment.
  5. Deliver your stuff.

If you want to sell your products online very fast, you need to create effective ad post. And of course, an effective ad post is useless if you will not answer the queries of interested buyers. You can tell interested buyers to contact you via phone, email address or get connected via Facebook.

Talk to interested buyer professionally/ Transact carefully. If you are professional and trustworthy, your clients or customers will refer you to their friends and you will have more customers.

When receiving payments, do make sure you receive the exact amount. After you received your payments, talk to your customers that you already have the money and their products will deliver soon. Do not forget to give thanks to your customers.

That’s the best way to sell stuff online. If you have other tips or you know other buying and selling websites that allows us to post an ad for the products we want to sell online, just share it in the comment box below.

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