How to Search Investment Properties for Sale?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 14, 2015

If you;re looking for investment properties for sale, we provide a good guide on how to search them online and spot them using other mediums like newspapers, magazines and TV commercials. You can easily find apartment buildings for sale, condos, lots and any real estate properties for sale.

In real estate investing, you need to be wise. If you don’t know how to spot a good deal, surely you will not earn more. To spot a good deal, you need to start searching different properties that are for sale. There are many investment property listings online, review the property (e.g. location, price) and get connected with the seller and start the deal.


See the screenshot, while I am searching for investment property online. In this screenshot, KiJiJi.Ca has a listings related to what I am looking for. After I search a property, I will look for the description. The images and the contact number or contact address of the seller.

Buying an investment property is a good idea. But, there are certain risk you need to know and manage. Some of the risks involved in buying a real estate property is that “real estate properties are not easy to sell”, that means you can’t get immediately the return on your investments.

investment properties for sale

Screenshot Credit: Kijiji.Ca – Investment Property for Sale in Toronto Area

Search Investment Properties for Sale in 5 Ways

  1. Visit your favorite search engine and search “type real estate properties” terms like house for sale, condominiums for sale, resort for sale, agricultural lot or commercial properties for sale.
  2. Visit and register the most popular “real estate website” in your country. Example, in Canada, one of the popular site is and then look for the investment property listings.
  3. You can also search properties on magazines ads, newspaper ads and even TV commercials. Mostly, the useful one is the newspaper ads.
  4. Go to the bank and ask for the foreclosed properties.
  5. Search your local area, some people wants to sell their houses and lots.

Bank Owned Properties for Sale

Most favorite place to find a good deal is in the bank. In just few minutes, you can find bank owned apartment buildings for sale. Just ask the bank if there are foreclosed. Sometimes, you don’t need to ask them, mostly the foreclosed properties are in the bank official websites.

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