How to Search for People? (5 Ways to Find People)

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Want to know how to search for people? Here are the ways on how to effectively search for people. This guide can help you find your missing relatives or loved ones. If you want to know where are your classmates in high school at now, you can do it. Search people’s names, birthdays, residency, occupation and even their email address and mailing address easily.

This guide can also help you find a missing person. Finding a missing person is another story. I will publish guide on that later. Let me just give you an idea on how to search for people.


How to Search for People in Easy 5 Ways

1. Find people on Classified Ads. This is common for every employers who wants to hire new employees. Classified ads are not just there to promote products. Classified ads is also the best place to search for a people with a specific skills or talents.

2. Find people on social welfare and development office. If one of your relatives or friends is missing, visiting social social welfare and development office might help. Especially if the missing person has mental disorder.

3. Find people on the street. You can also search for people in street or any public places. This is quiet a bit hard. When searching for people on public places, start visiting the favorite places of the person you are looking for.

4. Search for people in a workplace. You can track any people by looking his employment background. Go to his previous employer and ask about the person you are looking for. Explain why you are looking for him so that the human resource department will entertain you and help you in searching for people (their previous employees).

5. Search for people online. Some countries have public record on the internet. People’s files and background is published on the internet. You can check people’s background online. Many people have social media profiles. They have a Facebook account, Twitter account and their photos are also available in Pinterest. But the best way to search for people on the internet is to use any major search engines.

How to Search for People on Google?

Use the following tips to find people online easily using the search engine. Type the name of people you are searching for. You have many options when find people using Google. You can use the “web”, “image”, “videos and even “map” if you don’t know how to go to a specific address or locations.

search for people on Google

Search for People Using Any Search Engine Preferably Google

Use these variation of words when searching for people on Google or on any major search engines;

  • John Doe Occupation
  • John Doe Mailing Address
  • John Doe Facebook Account
  • John Doe on Twitter
  • Instagram of John Doe
  • John Doe Pictures (search Google Images)
  • John Doe Email Address

In some countries, there are specific websites to search for a people’s phone number, pictures or email.

How to Search for People on Facebook

Maybe you asked. how can I find someone on the internet for free? Internet is free to use. If you have a Facebook account, searching for people’s name, people’s pictures, schools, employment and mailing address is easy. Just log in to your Facebook and then start typing the name of a people you are searching for. It few seconds, Facebook will show you one name with different profile pictures. Look at the pictures one by one. To make sure that the person your are searching for is the person you are looking for, browse photos and read for people on Facebook


In the search bar of FB, type the name of the people you want to search. Ignore FB suggestion. In the bottom of auto complete, press “see all results for John Doe”. When the search results page shown, press “people” instead of groups, videos or fan page.

Now you know how to search for people. Whenever you want to search for people offline or on the internet, use the given tips in this page. What about you? How do you usually search for people? Did I forget to mention any easy ways? Just let me know! Thank you for reading.

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