How to Save Money (101 Tried & Proven Ways)

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How to save money is one of the most asked questions in personal finance. Let these 101 best ways to save money be the solution to help those people who wants to prepare their financial future. Many people find saving money as a difficult task. Other people consider saving money is very important.

Do you know that you can save money automatically? This guide isn’t the comprehensive guide. But, it can really help anyone to start saving money as soon as possible. If you are one of those people who aren’t familiar with saving and investing money, here’s your chance to learn about it. I am not biased, these guide will only used simple English words.


I do hope you will learn a lot from this page afterwards. I will edit this page as long as I found new ways to save money. I promise you to provide an extra ordinary tips on how to save money today. You and me wants a solution on how to prepare our financial future. There are many money saving tips out there, but did you find them useful? Maybe no, and maybe yes!

Make a compliments about this page after you read it. You can say whatever you want, you’re free to leave a comment after you read these page that consist 1 words, videos, infographics, images, saving money quotes and a lot more useful mediums to show to you how to save money effectively.

Why Do You Want to Know How to Save Money?

Ask yourself, why do you want this money saving tips? Why do you want to save money? Why are you interested? Is it because you want to prepare your financial future? Is it because you want to be a good steward of money? Is it because you want to get rich? Is it because you want to make a better life in the near future?

Note: These are practical guides. I am not telling you to become always frugal. I am suggesting to enjoy life by balancing your finances carefully. I would prefer to become happy and rich rather than saving money and sacrificing my happiness. The suggestions are ideal for those people who are looking for a great way to enjoy life while they are saving money for their financial future.

101 Best Ways to Save Money

For easy browsing this long page that consist of almost 5,000 words, use this table of content;

Table of Contents

A. Save Money by Taking Care of Yourself
B. Save Money in Your House
C. Save Money in Education
D. Save Money in Simple Lifestyle
E. Save Money in Traveling and Adventures
F. Save Money on Food
G. Save Money when Buying and Using Car
H. Save Money on Simple Pleasures and Entertainment
I. Save Money by Using Credit Card Wisely
J. Save Money Through Careful Financial Planning
J. Save Money in Your Insurances
K. Save Money in Dating and Relationship
L. Save Money in Inexpensive but Effective Family Planning
M. Best Places to Save Money

I divided these money saving tips into different categories so that you can easily understand and know what is it for. You can save money if you will start analyzing your personality and know what are the things you really need in your body.

You can save money when you’re planning to build a house, you can also save money by simply buying the furniture, fixtures that your house need. Try to think how can yo save money in electricity bills.

You can save a lot of money when you’re preparing for your kids education. You have to choose wisely the best universities but with low tuition fees.

In lifestyle, you have to think if you will always used credit card. Will you keep on buying over the counter or start shopping online using credit card?

A. Save Money by Taking Care of Yourself

how to save money

Image Credit: Yelp on CC 2.0

You can save money by buying practical things. Choose the things that you only need. Don’t buy anything you want. Buy only the necessary things for your body.

  1. Your Hairstyle is Enough to Make Yourself Beautiful – You don’t have to always visit a beauty parlor just to make yourself beautiful. You can save a lot of money if you can make your own hair style. Try it, you can get more fun by styling your hair alone.
  2. Cosmetics You Only Need for Your Body – Lotions, fragrances, oils, facial scrubs, powders, make ups are some of the cosmetics you need. However, if you keep yourself simple, everybody will noticed you for your simplicity and natural beauty. Besides, some cosmetics are just money-wasting items!
  3. Save More Money on Clothing – Don’t buy clothes if it’s necessary. Buy clothes during December, many malls and department stores make their items at a discounted price during this month.
  4. Visit the Dentist Once a Month – It’s ironic that some people are afraid to visit dentist. You can save money if you will visit dentist regularly. Maybe quarterly. Have a dental check up. Spend money on taking care of your teeth, don’t spend money on teeth removal.
  5. Lessen Your Accessories – Lessen your accessories. Many women and some men love accessories. You won’t believe this, your money was spent on small items. If you add small items with low prices, you can get big amount.
  6. Watch Your Shoes, and Even Socks – You can save money if you chose a shoes with high quality. It’s also imperative to take care of your shoes. If you buy 2 shoes in one year worth $200, you can only buy a pair of shoes yearly if you take care of it and save $100.

B. Save Money in Your House

save money in your house

Image Credit: Universal Pops on CC 2.0

  1. Build a Simple but Elegant Home – When building your own house. Try to keep it simple. I’ve heard even one of the rich men in the world lives in a simple home. Dining room, living room, kitchen, bed rooms and toilet and bath are the most important part of a house lay out. Making your house big, you are making your house expenses big, too!
  2. If You’re Planning to Rent, Make Sure the Location is Great – You can save money for a house while renting if your living near in the school, near in public market, malls, etc. Because you save money in transportation. Also you can save more time when you’re house is accessible.
  3. Install Solar Panel – You can save money on electricity if you install solar panel. Solar panel are expensive, but in the long run, it helps you to save money.
  4. Create Your Own Home Furniture – Buy power tools. You can make your own furniture. Watch on YouTube or search on Google on how to create a dining table. But those materials and follow the instructions.
  5. Use Energy Saving Lights – If you can’t afford solar panel. Buy energy saving lights. Choose the best quality bulbs.
  6. Unplug Often – Unplug often. If you’re not using appliances, unplug it.
  7. Watch Important TV Shows Only – Don’t waste your time watching all available TV shows, at the end of the day it’s not how many movies or TV shows you’ve watched, it’s how much money you earned and save that matters.

C. Save Money in Education

save money for college education

Image Credit: Williams College on CC 2.0

  1. Choose State Universities – Private universities tuition fees will eat your savings. Try state universities. See our previous guides on how to save money on child’s education.
  2. Open Savings Account for Your Child – If you opened a savings account for your child. He will soon realize the importance of saving money. And one good thing, he might save money for his own tuition fees.
  3. Open “In-Trust-For” Investments Account, Too! – If you are serious in preparing your child’s future. Don’t just save money, invest money. There are investment vehicles out there that can help you maximize the growth of your money. Open a “in-trust-for” account for your kids. Might it be a stock brokerage account, mutual fund account, etc.
  4. Prepare Snacks and Meals for Your Kids – You can save money if you keep your money and prepare a meal for your kids. A sandwich, apple, juices or milk are healthy foods.
  5. Let Your Kids Learn to Walk Once in Awhile – If you are renting a car or paying for school bus, let your kids walk once in a while. (This is recommended if the school is very near from home).
  6. Use Student Loans Properly – Some college students get a student loans and then they didn’t spend the borrowed money in education. Maybe some part of it will use in their adventures.
  7. Pay Attention to College Tuition Fees – When you enter college. Compare the tuition fees of each universities. Choose the top universities that offered your preferred course.

D. Save Money in Simple Lifestyle

how to save money on simple lifestyle

Image Credit: Fresh Brewed 

  1. LIFESTYLE Save Money on Window Shopping – Window shopping is a good way to save money. When you want to buy something, you have to do a window shopping to make a price comparison.
  2. Make Use of Grocery Coupons – You can save money by using coupons. Find out how to get grocery coupons in your local super market.
  3. Save Money on Comparing Item’s Prices – Same as window shopping. When you compared items prices, and you decide to buy the item with lowest price, that means you are saving money. Ask for a discount, too.
  4. Try Online Shopping, Too! – You can save money in online shopping too. But, the disadvantage of it is that you are not sure to the quality of the product when you just saw it on the internet. Be careful on scams and fraud. Visit legitimate online sellers only.
  5. Use Only Credit Card if Necessary – It’s okay to always use your credit card. When you always use your credit card, you can get more chances to enjoy the perks and promos and rewards of your credit card.
  6. Always Use Cash, It’s Recommended! – If you have cash, use it instead of credit card. Don’t impress other people because of using credit card. Credit card means itself, “credit”.
  7. Buy Big Items, Buy in Bulk – You can save money if you buy big items compare to when you buy items in retail. Also, big in bulk. Proper budgeting has a big role in this step. Before you go to the super market, write down all the things you want to buy.
  8. Lessen Your Monthly Subscription Bills – If you subscribe in a cable TV and at the same you have internet. Try lessen your subscription bills by choosing one. Internet or TV cable channels? Which one is very important to you and to your family?
  9. Don’t Change Your Gadgets Immediately – If there are new released mobile phones and your friends or co-workers bought one. Wait for few months after the new items released. The price of the latest new phones or any electronic gadgets will decreased.

E. Save Money in Traveling and Adventures

how to save money while traveling

Image Credit: Adam Agroffman on CC 2,0

  1. Try Outdoor Adventures – Try outdoor adventures like camping in the forest or taking pictures in a cave or any historical places in your country.
  2. It’s Good to Fly Overseas – Choose Asian countries, their beautiful, awesome and you will surely have a fantastic and amazing travel experience in Asia. You can save money when visiting Asia because the cost of living there is low compare to Europe.
  3. Compare Airline Tickets – Book airline ticket early. Most airline companies will give travelers a discount if they book early. That’s why, it is necessary to plan your flight and travel.
  4. Shop for Affordable Cruises – Enjoy traveling by experiencing great but affordable cruises. Search them on the internet. They are affordable.
  5. Take Advantage of Free Concerts – Instead of buying tickets for concerts. Try to watch free concert. Mostly free concert are scheduled during December.
  6. Shop for Hotel and Accommodations Earlier – When you travel, you have shop and book as early as you can. Try to search affordable accommodations with good reviews online. Choose affordable hotels from 3 star to 5 star hotel and book early.
  7. Minimize Your Pocket Money – Just bring enough pocket money but you should have credit card or a debit card in case of emergency cases when you travel overseas.
  8. Convert Currency Earlier – If you are planning to visit London, convert your dollars to sterling pounds as early as you can or watch the rates online. Make the most of your dollars when converting it to other currency. Did you enjoyed our money saving tips on traveling? Consider read our previous post and decide whether to spend money on travel or save money for your future.

F. Save Money on Food

how to save money on food

Nathan Cooke on CC 2.0 Flickr – Food I Eat

  1. FOOD Cook or Prepare Healthy Food – Preparing meals at home can help you save more money instead of dining out. Besides, you can make sure that food is safe and healthy.
  2. Delicious Foods Doesn’t Mean to Be Expensive – Save money by preparing fresh foods. You can change/customize the recipe to save money. But don’t sacrifice the taste of your food.
  3. Budget Your Money and Plan Your Meal – Budgeting the expenses for food and planning your meal is also a good idea. Make it a habit.
  4. Stop Drinking Alcoholic Beverages – Imagine if you buy a beer everyday that can cost you almost $1, if you keep that $1, you can save $30 in one month. After all, addicted to alcohol is not good to your health. So stop, drinking alcoholic beverages. Have self-discipline. You can do it.
  5. Stop Drinking Softdrinks – Alcoholic beverages is addictive. And soft drinks, too. What is the health benefits of always drinking softdrinks? Think about the benefits, are there any?
  6. Learn Gardening to Save Money on Food – If you learn gardening, I am sure you can save a lot of money. Instead of buying vegetables, harvest your vegetables in your garden.
  7. Drink Coffee Once in a While – I don’t want to mention any coffee shop. Assuming you are drinking sepcial coffee everyday that cost you more than $2, in 30 days if you will stop drinking coffee you can save $60, if you will stop in a year, you can save $730.
  8. Prepare Your Own Smoothie – Preparing your own smoothie is recommended. You can also prepare your own juices. By a blender or juice maker.
  9. Buy Generic Products – Generic products especially medicine are effective too. You can save money by being practical. Buy generic products but make sure the generic products isn’t expired or not in good condition.

G. Save Money when Buying and Using Car

save money in car and gas

Save Money in Gas – Image Credit: Jaryl Cabuco on CC 2.0

  1. CAR Buy Brand New Car in Cash – You aren’t saving money if you are buying a car in installment basis. Besides, you’re increasing the price of the car. Try to compute your down payment and the amount of money you are paying in 36 months.
  2. Or, Buy Used Car in Cash – You can also save money by buying quality-used cars. I mean quality used cars. Don’t buy used cars from anyone else. Shop and compare. Have a auto mechanic beside you when looking for used cars. Check the mile age, accessories, documents and most of all the engine parts.
  3. Watch the Fuel Consumption – Will you buy quality second hand car that cost you $10,000 that eat more gas every day or will you buy brand new car that cost you $20,000 but you can save money in fuel consumption.
  4. Build Funds for Car Maintenance – When you have a car, you should have funds. Build emergency funds. Emergency funds can also be used in maintaining a car. Like when you’re encounter flat tires, brakes malfunctions, etc.
  5. Walk Instead of Driving a Car – You can also save money if you will just walk. However, you can save time if you will drive a car. So choose, do you prefer to save money or to save time? Choose both!
  6. Take Advantage of Fuel Discounts – Most credit card companies gives promos, rewards and rebates when the credit card holders buy a fuel using credit card. take advantage of it. Earn reward points and someday you can use those points when buying fuels.

H. Save Money on Simple Pleasures and Entertainment

how to save money on entertainment

Image Credit: Bridget McKenzie on CC 2.0

  1. Visit Educational Museums – Save money by just visiting museums for your entertainment purposes. Besides, it’s worth spending money while learning something.
  2. Watch Movies Online – If you have internet, you can download movies online. If you prefer to rent a DVD, make sure you rent in bulk, too.
  3. Save Money by Watching Movies at Home – If you prefer to watch the latest movie in Cinema, go for it. Of course when you go to cinema, you will spend on tickets, snacks and sometimes you will also fall into impulsive buying. But your main intention is just to watch movie. So, watch movies at home to save money!
  4. Play with Your Kids – You can create a recreational activities whereas your kids learn something. Play with them instead of sending them in malls. Of course, when you are in the malls, you will also spend for food, snacks and sometimes your kids wants a new toy.
  5. The Park is the Most Memorable Place – Make your kids happy by sending them in the park. Let them play in the park. You can save money in this tip compare to other recreational activities.
  6. Minimize Club Membership – If you are a member of the Millionaire Club, Investment Club, Single Mom Club, Working Mom Club or any club. Cancel other club membership and keep those useful club.
  7. Watch Your Cable Bill – As I have said awhile ago, if you prefer to watch movies at home. You can watch movies through cable channel. However, if you have internet, you can watch movies, read news, watch TV shows online.
  8. Cancel Other Magazine and Newspapers Subscriptions – I would prefer to subscribe on Forbes, Entrepreneur and other business and finance magazines. Cancel those magazines that only talks rumors and not helping you how to become rich and to become a better you.
  9. Think Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas – There are many inexpensive entertainment ideas. You can save money and have a lot of fun if you will do unique entertaining activities.
  10. Buy High Quality Toys – Buy quality toys for your kids. Prefer to buy educational toys. If you will buy cheap and low quality toys, it will easily broken and your kids wants you to buy more toys. You aren’t saving money on toys if that’s the case!
  11. Log On to Social Media Once in a While – Instead of personal meetings, try to chat with your friends or talk to them on the phone. Believe me, you will spend money when you meet friends on malls, or other places. If you want to meet your friends, invite them in your house and cook food for them.
  12. Dine Out (Cook Barbecue) – Dining out not in your favorite restaurant, But outside your door.

I. Save Money by Using Credit Card Wisely

save money on credit card

Image Credit: Inertia NC on Flickr CC 2.0

  1. Find Low Interest Rate Credit Card – It is necessary to find low interest rate credit cards to save money. You can read reviews and know the interest rates in the bank official website or any websites that has credit card ratings and reviews.
  2. Take Advantage of Perks and Promos – Make sure you applied a credit card with lots of benefits and promos. You can save a lot of money by using credit card promos. Example of promos are Free dining or buying something using your credit card with zero-interest.
  3. Use Credit Card Rewards – You can save money if you will use the credit card rewards. As a credit card holder, you have the rights to ask the rewards you can get when applying credit cards. Most rewards can be use when shopping or travel.
  4. Pay Credit Card Bills On Time – You can save a lot of money if you will pay your credit card bills on time. Not paying credit card bills on time is dangerous to your finances. Don’t attract debt!
  5. Use Only One Credit Card – If you have many credit cards, you will get many credit card bills.

J. Save Money Through Careful Financial Planning

save money through financial planning

Photo Vredit By: SWAPlus on CC 2.0

  1. Save Money – Learn the best ways to save money. My favorite ways to save money is by saving automatically. If you’re an employee, take advantage of 401k plans.
  2. Hire Certified Financial Planner – Don’t be weird. CFP can help you manage your finances until retirement.
  3. Don’t Do the Financial Planning Alone – Financial planner will charge you for the services. But it will cost you much if you made a finance mistakes. It will cost you time and money! So hire CFP now!
  4. Read Books, Blogs and Forums – If you cant’t afford to attend seminars, read books. I have many personal finance books, I have learned a lot from books. Instead of paying $100 for seminar, buy useful personal finance books that cost only $10. Save $90. Aside from books, always visit
  5. Attend Seminar Once – Just attend financial education once and apply the knowledge you’ve learned from the seminar. Believe it or not, personal finance management is easy.
  6. Manage Your Finances – You can save money if you know how to manage your finances. Start budgeting and think where should you put every cents.
  7. Open Savings Account Online – many banks offered online savings account with no monthly fees and no minimum fees. Save money on banking charges by opening a savings account online.

J. Save Money in Your Insurances

save money on insurances

Image Credit: Pictures of Money on Flickr cc 2.0 – Inspiration: Car insurance. Car security systems.

  1. INSURANCE Reassess Your Insurance Needs Yearly – Sometimes you may feel that you don’t need insurance. You will really need it. Assess the insurance you need and forget the insurance you don’t need.
  2. Buy Term Life Insurance – There are many different types of life insurance, if you want to save money prefer to buy term life insurance and invest the difference. Instead of buying whole life or variable unit linked.
  3. Shop for Affordable Health/Medical Insurance – Do not be shy to ask for a quote from each insurance companies and compare their premiums.
  4. Shop for Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance – Most insurance companies give their clients a discount if they will buy both auto/homeowners owners.

K. Save Money in Dating & Relationship

save money in relationship and dating

Image Credit: Miroslav Petrasko on CC 2.0 – Flickr, Date in the Light sea

  1. Save Money in Modern Dating Style – Spend money on simple wedding date. Make your date memorable but not horrible to your pocket.
  2. Save Money By Giving Inexpensive  Gifts – You can make your girlfriend happy by giving her a gift. You don’t have to spend much money just to show your love and thoughtfulness.
  3. Learn to Save Money Together – Open a joint account. Joint account can help your relationship become matured and stronger. You can open a savings joint account or investment joint account.
  4. Hand-Made Gifts are the Best and Thoughtful – Create a hand made gift for your girlfriend. You can create a dong board, a romantic greeting card or a birthday card during her birthday.
  5. Adventure Tips for Couples – Experience adventures with your girlfriend. Going to other places or other countries can make her happy. Plan for your travel. Do not pressure yourself if you have no money to spend in your travel. Try camping or spending time along the seashore.

L. Save Money in Inexpensive but Effective Family Planning

save money through proper family planning

Image Credit: West Park CC 2.0 Flickr

  1. FAMILY PLANNING: Save Money on Inexpensive but Elegant Wedding – Learn how to save money on wedding by planning it earlier and carefully.
  2. Wedding Rings Symbolizes Vow Not Money – You don’t have to buy the most expensive wedding rings. Simple wedding rings are enough. Rings only symbolizes the wedding matrimony, how you love each other and not your riches.
  3. Invite those Who Matters Most to You – If you want to save money on wedding day. Invite only few people. Invite those people who matters to you. Your best friends, some relatives an parents.
  4. Are 2 Kids Enough – When you get married, it will be good if you will plan how many kids you want? Some say 2 kids are enough, some parents are happy with only one children. Plan according to your financial capability.
  5. Save Money on Contraceptives – Other parents said it is good if you will perform family planning naturally. Instead of contraceptive, you can save money through natural method.
  6. Healthy Spouse Means a Lot – If you have a healthy spouse, you’re lucky. Take care of your spouse, cook a healthy food for your spouse. Imagine how much money you will spend if your spouse will get sick.
  7. Healthy Kids Means a Lot – Make your kids healthy. let them play, prepare healthy foods and healthy snacks for them. Include their daily vitamins in your budget.

M. Best Places to Save Money

A reader of asked this question, now I know how to save money on groceries, how to save money in fuel, on insurances, on hotels and accommodations when traveling, on food shopping, on utility bills, on petrol, on cable, on energy and electricity bills and different ways on how to save money on a tight budget. My question is, whenever I saved money, where should I put them?

save money in bank investment baskets

Image Credit: Epsos.De on CC 2.0 Forex Money for Exchange in Currency Bank

Here’s the ideas on where should you save money, you can go to the bank or you can save in a jar. The complete list are as follows;

  1. Save Money in Your Wallet (Not Recommended)– Just keep in your wallet. But, since the money is in your wallet, you don’t have any clue why should you put your savings in your wallet. What if you fall into impulse buying?
  2. Make Use of Your Bank Account (Not Recommended) – Many people usually save money in the bank. Open a savings account in your preferred bank.
  3. Try Piggy Bank or Coin Bank (Not Recommended) – Buy piggy bank or any types of coin banks and put your savings there.
  4. What About Inside Your Cabinet (Not Recommended) – You can also put your money inside your cabinet.
  5. Do Not Ignore Investment Baskets (Highly Recommended) – This is highly recommended if you want to get rich. Saving money won’t help you get rich fast, investing is. That’s why you should put your savings in an investment basket like stocks, mutual funds or buy bonds.
  6. Set Aside for Your Emergency Funds (Highly Recommended) – This is also recommended. Try open a savings account that will exclusively used only for emergency cases. Make sure you can get your funds whenever or any available ATM machines during emergencies.
  7. Make Use of Your Books (Not Recommended) This is not recommended because you may forget that you have money in your book.
  8. Financial Jars (Somewhat Recommended) I practice managing my finances by having jars. Savings jars for education, saving jar for financial freedom, saving jar for giving account, saving jar for to use to generate another passive income. If you read the book of T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he explains the purpose and the advantages of knowing how to manage your finances.
  9. Retirement Accounts (Highly Recommended) – This is my favorite. You save automatically by saving money in your individual retirement account. will complete the 101 best ways to save money as soon as possible. Update: (Already completed). Congratulations! Enjoy these 101 ways to save money! This page will always be available in the list of popular articles. So, whenever you want a cheat sheet on how to save money, just visit and find the link of this page.

Do you have any other ideas and opinions on how to save money? Leave it in the comment box below. Share this page with your friends and loved ones. If you liked this page, consider subscribing to daily personal finance tips and advice. Thank you!

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