How to Save Money on Wedding?

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on January 15, 2015

I am planning to get married next year. Can you suggest some tips on how to save money on wedding? I like the idea of saving but this is a special occasion for both me and my future wife. I have no idea how much money (budget) should we spend on our wedding day.

Answer: The reader have read’s pages about easy ways to save money, maybe he is now curious how he can save a lot of money for his wedding day.


Prepare Money for Wedding Day

First, if you have still time to prepare for it. Save money, you have to decide the budget. If you plan to spend $10,000 and you still have 10 months to prepare, just save $1,000 per month. Early saving will help you to prepare well for the cost. Unless you have a lot of money that can pull out anytime in the bank, you don’t need to save.

Plan Your Wedding Day Budget 

If you are asking the budgets, you have to decide how many people you will invite. Of course the more people are invited, the bigger the wedding expense. Remember, you only have to invite the relative and some closed friends if you want to save a lot of money.

How to Save Money on Wedding?

Things to Prepare when Budgeting If you are planning to spend $20 per person’s meal. Just multiply it the number of guests. If you have 100 guests, then your estimated in cost is $2,000 plus the catering services and fees.

  1. Venue – should you pay for an exclusive place (beach, hotel,)
  2. Church Wedding – how much should you pay for if you will marry your girl inside the Church. Visit the church and ask for the fees.
  3. Meal – prepare the budget for main menu. Ask any catering services, if you will buy a package, maybe they can give you some discounts. Limit the menus, at least 2 menus, desserts and drinks.
  4. Invitation car- this is minimal expense only.
  5. Wedding Flowers – you have to choose flowers according to your wedding theme. You have to decide whether you want to use the most popular wedding flowers such as calla lily, rose, lily of the valey, tulips, hydrangeas, stephanotis or sweet peas.
  6. Wedding Cake- make it simple, big, elegant. shop for the cheapest cake price.
  7. Wedding Ring – prepare this carefully. You have to spend at least 30-50% of your wedding budget for wedding ring.
  8. Bride’s Car – should you rent a car or borrow from your friends.

Those things are the basic. If you are planning to make your wedding day luxuriously and elegantly, go find a wedding planner in your local area.

I hope you guys (especially those engaged couples) learn from this money saving tips for wedding day. Kindly share this page to your friends in Facebook or Twitter. Thank you  for spending your time reading this. The next best thing to do after wedding day, is to plan not just the honeymoon in Paris or New York 5 Star Hotel but plan also for your family’s financial future.

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