How to Save Money on Groceries Every Month?

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If you want to know the best ways to save money especially for your groceries every month, it will be in this article posted by me as I experienced in real life how to save money easily. Do not waste your time and money while buying items, choosing the right items in the grocery store is very important to save money.

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In this article you will understand the value of every single cent while buying in the grocery stores or supermarkets. Learn also how to itemize your items, how to determine if the items are necessities or just “want but items”.

Save Money on Groceries Through Budgeting: Understand the Value of Every Single Cent

You can save money every month on groceries by making a budget plan on what to buy, how much you are willing to spend in each of the items. Budgeting money is very important, you don’t really know that some part of your money was just spent unwisely. So make a budget plan, it is easy to create a budget plan by following the format below;

Budget Amount

  • Necessities
  • Food
  • Utilities (electricity bills, water etc)
  • School Allowance
  • Clothing (optional)
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Insurance Monthly Payment

Savings and Investments
Invest money every month at least 20% of your income.

Tithing and Gifts
Recreation (cinema, dining-out)

How to Save Money on Groceries Every Month?

You have to separate the items when budgeting, put it in writing. You must know the items that are belong to “needs” and :”wants”. Example, a grocery food items are necessities but “candies and chocolates” are just wants.

Itemize Your Groceries

How to itemize your groceries? As you are writing your budget plan, make sure before you go the grocery store, you have your notes, listed all the things you should buy so that you may not fall into an impulse buying. Just buy the things that are written in your grocery notes.

Here are the proper ways on how to itemize your grocery items;

  • Food (dry goods, meat products, coffee, sugar, other things related to food)
  • Laundry (laundry soap, fabric conditioner, soap powder, chlorine, etc)
  • Cosmetics (bath soap, lotion)

Save Money on Groceries by Comparison Buying

Do you know that you can save a lot of money by comparison buying? Compare the price of the product in other grocery stores.

Example, if product A is worth P5.10 in grocery X but the same product is worth only P4.90 in grocery Z, then you save 20 cents. Imagine if you have 100 items and in each item you have save 20 cents. You saved P20 by just doing a comparison buying.

Products for Quality and Reasonable Price

Make sure you are buying products that are high in quality to make your money worth.

Some products are in high quality and has a reasonable price, there are cheap products that has high quality but expensive items that is not in high quality. So be smart enough when buying products in the groceries to save a lot of money.

Buy Big, Save Big

You can save money in the groceries by buying bulk items, example. A bar soap will cost P34 each, there are bar soap that can be bought in bulk or 3 in 1 package. If the 3 in 1 package will cost only P90 then, it means you save P4. There are promos in groceries, look for an opportunities to buy bulk items.

Aside from buying bulk, you can also save money in the groceries by buying big products, example, if ¼ sugar will cost P10 but a 1kg of sugar cost only P32, then you saved P8. There are example of big items that has lot of advantage over small items.

Ask for a Receipt

There are groceries that are not issuing official receipts, the receipts should be BIR (Internal Revenue) registered. You just don’t have to save in grocery items, make sure you also help the government while buying in grocery store.

Example, if you buy grocery items worth P2,500 and the 20% is for the government, how much can you give to your beloved country? P500.00

Accept Coins Because It Was Hard Earned

Some grocery store will give you change instead of coins they give you a candy, a funny thing. Right? Sometimes they don’t give you the exact change. You can report this grocery to the BIR. It’s our right to complain. Be willing to accept coins, I once remembered the last time I saved P3,058.62 in my bank account because I am following the money management tips I have written at

Imagine if you can save P300 per month in grocery and invest it in any type of investments that earns interest, that P300 will turn into hundred thousand to millions if invested properly. You have to be wise in spending money, be smart in saving money and be intelligent in investing your money, because, it is a hard-earned.

There is no such thing as “easy money” in this planet earth. To get rich and acquire wealth, it requires lot of hard work. So, do not waste every single cent.

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As a Summary;

  • To save money on groceries every month you must follow the simple guide written at
  • Make a budget plan, determine which items belong to “needs” and ‘wants”. Itemize your items per categories like cosmetics, food, laundry and baby needs like infant milk, diaper etc.
  • Do a comparison buying in every groceries if necessary. Do this if you have extra time. Look for quality products that has a reasonable price. Buy items in bulk to save money. Ask for receipt so the 20% tax will be given to your beloved country.
  • Ask for an exact change even if it coins. Banks are accepting coins, you can save coins in the bank and turn that coins into hundred thousand to millions by proper investing.

I hope you find this guide on how to save money on groceries every month very helpful especially if you really want to save a lot of money on groceries every month, I will be glad if you share this post to your friends via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for visiting, keep visiting for more money saving tips.


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