How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day when Buying Gifts?

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Learn how to save money on Valentine’s Day when buying the best gifts you can give to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Every 14th of February, there are many celebrating the heart’s day. Maybe they want to show how romantic and loving they are.

My experience during heart’s day. Me and my boyfriend (my husband today),  was just spending a small amount of money, he bought me simple chocolate and he always make his own greeting card. He is creative. The last time we spend the Valentine’s day is we just go to the beach near in our town, prepare food and spend the day in the beach. And at night, we played our favorite song (our theme song) and dance together.


To make it more romantic, he added a rose in a dining table and a candle light dinner. That’s so simple. If you are asking me about the most romantic songs for Valentines day (I prefer to play duet love songs), such as the song “Don’t Know Much”, “You are the Love of My Life”, “Endless Love”, “Almost Paradise” and “Let the Love Begin”. Much better if you can find a instrumental music of these songs (piano or saxophone) and play these songs while dancing.

Save Money Valentine’s Day

Best Gifts to Buy on Valentines Day

Here are some of the top products and services on Valentine’s Day.

  • Stuff Toys
  • Flowers (especially red roses)
  • Chocolates (Local or Branded)
  • Greeting Cards
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Save Money on Valentine’s Day with these Recreations

Here are some of the popular activities that people are usually doing especially (couples).

  1. Traveling and Witnessing the Beautiful Paris
  2. Spending Private Hours in Hotels
  3. Dinner at Fine Dining Restaurants
  4. Watching Seabirds Fly on Beautiful Seashores
  5. Walking Hand in Hand Along New York City
  6. Listening to Romantic Love Songs Together
  7. Walking in the Park and Enjoying Street Foods
  8. Watching Movies (they prefer romantic movie)
  9. Exchanging Valentines Gifts

How to Save Money Valentine’s Day when Buying Gifts?

Going back to the topic, how to save money during valentine’s day? These are only my own opinions. If you find this article useful, kindly share it to your friends.

1. Buy cheap chocolates – a tasty, delicious and lovely chocolate might appreciate your girlfriend.
2. Do not forget to make your own greeting card. The tips on how to make a valentines greeting card was written at Best Valentine’s Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend.

3. Watch Movie and Talk About It. You don’t have to spend a lot. Just watch movie, after watching movie, go to the park and talk about it. Buy some foods while you are at the park.

4. Do not forget to shop early. Make sure you shop and make a comparison buying. Compare the price of the item you want in different stores.
5. Have a budget plan. Of course, you have to include the money you would like to spend for Valentines Day.

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