How to Retire A Millionaire?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 7, 2013

Learn how to retire a millionaire today. Tips on how to retire millionaire, happy and comfortable. Find the best tips and advice about retirement planning. Last time, I advice if you are looking for a job, it is better to have a government job for your great career, why? It is because it will help you to retire rich or a millionaire, and at the same time you are serving your beloved country. This time I will give you an idea on how to make it happen, to retire a millionaire or rich, and most of government employees don’t know this. It’s time to plan your future, and your ambition is you want to retire a millionaire, but how can you do it successfully? If you really want to know the top secret of becoming rich while you’re working as an employee, read further with interest.

Believe it or not, if you want to become rich, you must set your own mind and always think that you are rich, assuming you are now rich, then you must think the way as rich people think, they think some of these things particularly in financial matters.


These things are;

Businesses – they are staring their own business, they think how to have a lot of money machines by building businesses.

Entrepreneurship – they are enterprising, they buy low products and sell it high, or they create their own products or offer their services to other people to make money.

Saving and Investing – of course, this is their important habits that you should acquire, they want to make their money grow overtime through saving and investing (they love to invest in stcok markets and other investment vehicles – we’ll discuss this one by one later)

Huge Profits – they are not contented to make thousands a month, they are making millions, it just simply means, they are productive.
They don’t think they are poor, they are focusing their life on prosperity not on poverty, they are wealthy in mind and emotions, what I mean to say is; they are smart. As the old saying goes, “if you are smart, you are rich, if you are not rich, you are not smart enough.”

How to Retire A Millionaire?

  • Plan for your retirement. Talk to retirement planner what to do.
  • Save and invest money to obtain retirement target earning asset.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Choose to retire a millionaire, retire young, happy and rich.

Plan Ahead Before Retirement Comes

If you are still young it is advantage for you that you can make a lot of money overtime, plan ahead for your future, set a saving goal every month, this is how you should set up a retirement plan, you must have a goal, don’t plan your retirement when you’re at 65. Plan it while you’re still young. Read more to get more knowledge.

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Financial Management: Importance of Budgeting

When you are making your monthly budget, you must set aside your “savings and investment”, do not save or invest after you are paid for your utility bills, after you went to grocery, the rules is “pay yourself first”, save and invest first. Assuming you have a P50,000 per month salary, P20,000 of it must be for savings and investment for your retirement plan.

Set Goals While Waiting for Your Retirement

You must set goals, how much money do you want to make or to save after 20 years, if you are asking me, after 10 years, I “MUST” have extra P1,000,000 (one million pesos) in my savings, and I will get my profits on stock markets, mutual funds and other investment type.

From now, on you must set your goal, and you must follow that goal whatever happens, because remember, it is for your retirement plan, if you want to retire a millionaire, save and invest, if you want to retire poor, don’t follow this simple guide.

Now you know how to retire a millionaire. You can’t retire with millions if you are not planning for it. Take action. Save and invest for your retirement.

In my next article, I should write an article, when and where to invest your hard earned money, see you in my next post and have a great day.

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