How to Report Mail Theft?

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So do you want to know how to report mail theft immediately? There are bad guys everywhere, their intentions why they are stealing mails is to steal your personal information and use the information in their advantages.According to United States Postal Inspection Service or USPIS, thieves can persist to steal your mail. There are specific guides on how to avoid mail theft. In order for you to protect your identity, you need to report immediately your stolen mail to the appropriate authority; the United States Postal Inspection Service.The guidelines written below is the ways on how to report mail theft. You can either report the incident via online, by phone or via mail delivery;

How to Report Mail Theft?

Learn how to report mail theft to police immediately.

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Online – you can report the incident online by visiting the USPIS file a mail theft complaint online at


By Phone – Just call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) if you desire to file a mail complaint via telephone.

US Postal Service – You can also report problems or incidents with mail delivery or service to the US Postal Service in the official website at

When filing a claim, just visit the USPS official website and press “Start an Online Claim”. When filing a claim you need some proofs like tracking or label number, proof of value (e.g. sales report, paid invoice, credit card billing statement, etc.), proof of damage and evidence of insurance purchased.

Note: You can only file a claim for damaged or missing contents not later than 2 months (60 days) from the date of mailing.

Did you experienced mail theft? Did you report it? Did you claimed successfully your mail? If not, what else did you do aside from contacting the postal service? Please share your opinion below on how to report mail theft! Thank you!

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