How to Repay Your Personal Loan without Difficulty

Posted by Kash Avena under Loans on August 12, 2016

If you’re taking out a loan for the right reasons, doing so can make you breathe a little easier. A personal loan, for instance, can be a great help if an unexpected expense comes up. But you may have heard horror stories from people who borrowed from the bank and found it difficult to keep up with the remittances. Don’t worry! You can still borrow the much needed cash and still cope with the monthly payments. Here are several effective tips to help you out.

  1. Review Your Expenses

Most borrowers would take a look at the monthly payments, think of their income and decide impulsively that they can cope up with the fees without even considering their expenses. It’s a common mistake that often leads to bigger financial troubles. Take a look at your income and monthly expenses before agreeing to the loan and the monthly payments. This would also help you in determining the number of months you need to comfortably pay off your debt.


  1. Use Extra Money to Repay

Your boss might have given you a big fat bonus for being employee of the month. But before you head to your favorite shop, stop and think how the extra money can help pay off your debt.  Using whatever extra money you have to pay back what you owe the bank can also mean you’ll be able to pay your loan faster. Before you know it, you’ll be free of your monthly payments and finally able to buy anything your heart desires with your bonuses.

  1. Divide Payments

Paying in bulk can take a huge chunk off your income and again, might lead to bigger financial troubles. When your budget is greatly affected because of your personal loan, the tendency is to borrow money from family members or friends. Instead of keeping the expenses down, you’ll end up paying off debts left and right – something you obviously can’t afford to do. If you’re being paid twice a month, e.g. 15th and 30th, then divide your payment into two. According to Huffington Post, paying bi-weekly would mean a shorter term, and less interest.

  1. Pay More Than the Required Fee

Looking for ways to shorten the term of your loan? Paying more than what’s required of you will help a great deal. You don’t even have to part with a large amount. Simply rounding off the amount will make a huge difference.

  1. Consider Refinancing

Because a personal loan is unsecured, the interest rates are usually higher than the secured loans. If you are dealing with multiple loans, refinancing can bust your payment woes. Use your assets to borrow money from the bank and pay off other debts. In this way, you’re not only repaying just one loan, you’re also avoiding the risks of late payments and penalties for delayed remittances.

Personal loan repayment


Making sure that you are able to pay your bills will not only keep your stress levels at a minimum, it will also pave the way for banks and private lending companies to trust you. In the future, just in case you need their help again to deal with an unexpected expense, you know you’ll have them to run to. Just follow these effective tips to successfully repay your personal loan and you won’t have problems borrowing when you need the cash.

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