How to Plan a Family Reunion?

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Planning for a family reunion? Want to meet other relatives? Want to spend quality time with the whole family clan? Today, you can learn how to plan a family reunion in simple steps.

I do believe you are focus on the family. You want all your family members to become happy that’s why you are scheduling a family reunion. It is great to see a family with strong relationship. Reunion can be the best way to have a healthy family relationship.


Things Needed

You need to prepare the following things when planning for a family reunion. You need to call all your family members. The whole members in the clan. You need money to spend for food and other important things.

The best venue for family reunion is in the house of your grandfather or grand mother. However, if the family clan members can’t accommodate, you should do the reunion outside your grandparents house.

Create a family reunion souvenir. You can also hire a professional photographer to captured every moment in the reunion.

How to Plan a Family Reunion?

Step 1. Communicate with other family members.

Tell other family members about your plan. You can get connected with other family clan members in social media like Facebook especially if other members are living abroad. Start with the closest family members.

family reunion

Step 2. Build a family reunion committee or leaders.

You can build a family reunion committee through online. Schedule a meeting and talk about the necessary things to do and things to have like funds, gifts, presents, programs, etc.

Step 3. Raise funds.

Raise funds by asking your family members. You will get surprise because everyone wants to contribute money especially those family members living or working abroad.

Step 4. Prepare the necessary things.

After you raised funds, prepare the important things. You can hire a event planner for this. For food and accommodations, you can do it in resorts or hotels. You can save money and enjoy the food if you and other family members will cook the food. And it will be more enjoyable if you will do the reunion in your grandparents house.

Your grandparents will be more happy and overwhelmed if they see all your relatives are having fun. In your family reunion program, do not forget to include parlor games and exciting activities so that every members will know each other better.

Step 5. Schedule a family reunion.

Schedule the family reunion. Again, meet your committee and talk about this. You should talk about the place and what to do if other members can’t attend? That’s why, it is necessary to talk and plan first. The best day for a family reunion is Sunday.

Sunday is family day. They are not busy. They can attend in the family reunion if you will do it in Sunday. Some family clan members has work and some will attend school classes. So make sure to schedule your reunion in the day where all family members can attend.

Step 6. Remind the family clan members.

After the schedule is final, tell all family members. It is really important to communicate and get connected with other members. Thanks to social media because we can easily find other family members where they live or work.

Remind the family clan members about the family reunion schedule. Do not forget to tell the venue, the exact date and time. Ask them to tell others about the schedule.

Other Useful Tips

→ When planning a family reunion, don’t just alone. You should tell every family members about your plan. They will become more happy because family reunion is fun and interesting.

→ Calculate the necessary expenses for food, transportation or accommodations. You can ask other family members to contribute amount for these expenses.

→ Family reunion will be more exciting and fun if you have programs. Hire a event planner if you have extra budget for it. If no budget for event planner, all you need to do is plan carefully with other members. That’s why committee is very important.

→ Parlor games, videoke, and other exciting activities should include in the event. There are many parlor games you can do in family reunion.

→ Some family scheduled their reunion during Christmas eve. Some are during summer. They plan to do the family reunion in the beach or in the resorts.

What can you say about this guide? Let me know other useful tips on how to plan a family reunion. Leave a comment below and share this page with your family members and friends.

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