How to Pass the Board Exam (6 Proven Steps)

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Want to know how to pass the board exam? Passing the board examination is one of the ultimate dreams of every college graduates. It is a fact that if you passed the examination, you will have the licensed and you will become more qualified in your chosen field. A licensed professional has the rights to perform his task or jobs. Example, you can never teach in a government school if you didn’t passed the board examination for teachers.

In this article, let me give you an idea on how to pass the board exam easily. Whether you want to pass the examination in electrical engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineering. This guide is somewhat useful. Also, this tips apply to anyone in any field.


Can you pass the board examination without a knowledge? The answer is no. A big no. Make up your mind. You have to study your lesson, review your lessons and surely you will easily pass the exam. If you think you can pass the exam even without any effort, then, you’re absolutely wrong. Whatever you want to get in this life, you must do your best to get it. Exert extra effort, do whatever it takes just to get it. Right?

What do you want to do to get this thing called “license”. You have to do whatever it takes to pass the board exam in order for you to become a licensed teacher, a certified public accountant, a registered nurse, a licensed engineer, a registered pharmacist, etc.

How to Pass the Board Exam

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How to Pass the Board Exam Easily

Here are the step by step guide on how to pass the board exam. Follow these guide and you will surely pass the board exam;

  1. Make a prayer. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge so that during the examination, he will guide you to answer the tests correctly.
  2. Take more time to review. Don’t waste your time. Spend more time to review. Prepare yourself well in the incoming examination. As the old saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.
  3. Concentrate your mind. Focus on your review. Do not get distracted.
  4. Prepare your body and mind during the examination. Bring healthy food. Chocolate, bread and milk. Those foods can boost your energy and help you make your brain think well.
  5. Do not forget to bring your documents and materials with you. Your examination stub, pencil, envelope, whatever required things, etc.
  6. Don’t get late. Get excited and think you will pass the board exam.

Tips on How to Pass the Board Exam Easily

The tips written here are just my personal experience when I passed the LET few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, although I only got a passing grade of 75%, at least I passed it. Your goal must be higher than a passing rate. Maybe 80% or 90%, whatever it is, just make sure you will pass the board exam. What I did to pass the exam are as follows.

  • I prayed to God in one week as my devotion. I promised Him if he let me passed the exam, I will do my profession according to His will and commandments, to perform my duties with dignity and integrity. And to become a good teacher to every youths.
  • After a week of devotional prayer, I bought a reviewer available in a bookstore and read it three times a day. One in the morning at 5:00 am until 9:00 in the morning,  and 5 in the afternoon. I change this schedule when the board exam schedule was very near.
  • I go to my favorite place, no noise, a relaxing environment. Such as Malls, since the mall open at 10:00 am, so I have some time to give myself a time to take a review.
  • Aside from the malls, I go to park in the afternoon until evening.
  • I just read, read and read.
  • I didn’t put any stressed in my body and mind. I didn’t even get boring, because I enjoy reading my reviewer. As you have noticed, I take a review and take some relax in the mall.
  • Being focused is the secret to pass the board exam.
  • If the examination has a certain skills like architectural planning, estimating, etc., mater those skills by taking some review courses.
  • When the examination date came, I prepare my body and mind. I didn’t do anything. One day before the exam, I just sleep, eat, and have a good time to take a good rest. My objective that day is to have a relaxing body and mind.
  • During the examination, I came very early. Before I went to the venue, I prayed to God and I whisper my promises. I cried that time, because I know I am not smart nor an intelligent person. I am very weak. When i graduated college my grades are just 3.0.
  • I make sure that my body and mind is comfortable. I ate something healthy, an apple, a few rice and a sterilized milk. I bring my lunch box with some chocolates (of course I need some sugar to think properly).
  • Do not forget to bring your materials, your examination stub, a pencil or any required documents.

After few months, some of my friends, told me that my name is in the municipal hall saying “Congratulations to (My Name Here) for passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers” from Hon. Mayor (Name of Mayor Here) and its councilors.

What I did is I check the Professional Regulation Commission website and find out if I really passed the exam. Hmm, the PRC board exam results aren’t still available. Or maybe I don’t know how to search the exam results in the official website of PRC website.

I go to the market and bought a newspaper. And I saw my name there. Woah! Thank you Lord. But that’s not the end of the story. I go to the church immediately and pray to God. I whispered ” Lord you’re so great, you are the most intelligent, all praises will be Yours, without you anything is impossible.” I cried that time, I didn’t even celebrate. The real journey begins.

  • I work for someone else as a sales representative.
  • My parents told me to teach (there’s no vacant position in the Department of Education).
  • I teach in private school for 3 years.
  • K-12 Education Program started, I got my job in DepEd.

Now I am teaching in public school. I am so happy because God grant my wishes. I teach every students to become a God fearing person and sharing my experiences. What I want you to do now is to follow the instruction given in this article to pass the board examination.

How to Pass the Board Exam – A Conclusion

As you have noticed, I didn’t passed the board exam because I am intelligent. I didn’t passed the board exam because I prayed so hard. Instead, I trust God, and do my part. I believe God helps those people who helps themselves. Focused on your goal, do one thing at a time. A good body condition and healthy mind is really needed during the examination. Do not repeat the mistakes of other professionals who failed the exams, they didn’t follow the instructions carefully.

I do hope, when you passed the board exam, do not show or prove to anyone that you’re great. Without God, you’re nothing! God gave you a brain to think and a healthy body to do whatever you want to do. Passing the board exam is not the beginning. Finding a great career is the beginning.

Now you know how to pass the board exam easily. What about you? Did you passed the board exam already? How many times did you took the exam before you get the passing rate? Why not share your tips and experiences today using the comment box. Thank you!


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