How to Open a COL Financial Account in the Philippines?

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Here is the guide on how to open COL Financial account in the Philippines as your stock brokerage company. This is your opportunity to invest in the Philippine Stock Market. Opening an account in COL Financial as your chosen stock broker is very easy. Read the COL Financial review before you proceed in this guide.

You must do the following to save a lot of time and get easily approve in applying a COL Financial account. This article is one of our guides about COL Financial Philippines.


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Things to Do:

  • Attend COL Financial seminar for you to acquire more knowledge about investing in the Philippine Stock Market.
  • Download application form
  • Prepare necessary documents and money

Things to Prepare if You Want to Open a COL Financial Account

  • Valid ID’s
  • Application form (download at official website)
  • Investment Capital (Minimum of P5,000)

How to Open a COL Financial Account in the Philippines?

  • Choose your account type
  • Fill out COL Financial application forms
  • Prepare additional requirements
  • Submit forms and requirements
  • Fund your COL Financial Account
Step 1. Choose Your COL Financial Account Type
There are different account type namely COL Starter with a minimum of P5,000 good for entry level account, COL Plus with a minimum investment of P25,000 good for active traders and COL Premium with a minimum investment of P1,000,000 for the premier investors.
open a col financial account
There are differences and benefits between the 3 types of accounts. Eventually you can have all these benefits when your investment funds meet the minimum investments required.
Recommendation: Choose COL Starter because you are just a beginner stock market investor. When you became an expert, you can add funds in your COL Financial account as much money as you can.
Review this account type comparison chart for you to understand the differences of each account type.

col financial account type comparison

Step 2. Fill Out COL Financial Application Forms

Application forms are available in their official website. You should have your TIN (tax identification number). Download the form, fill them out. Make sure when you are filling out the form, there is no error such as “correct spellings of your name”, correct address.
col financial account opening forms

After you have downloaded the form and filled out, print the form and do not forget to sign in the signature fields.

Must download: Customer Account Information Form (CAIF), Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA) and 2 specimen signature cards that all can be found in

Step 3. Prepare Additional Requirements

Prepare valid ID and billing statement. Prepare at least one photocopy of governement valid ID. Make sure in your ID, your photo and signature are clear. Example of acceptable ID’s are: PRC ID, Postal ID, GSIS/SSS, voter’s ID. Example of valid billing statement are credit card bill, utility bill such as electricity, water bill, telephone and internet bill.
Photocopy of valid ID, alien certificate of registration and work permit from DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) is required for resident foreign citizens who wants to open a COL Financial account.
Photocopy of passport, proof of income and billing statement are required for those non-resident foreign citizens.

If you are planning to open a COL Financial joint account (ITF) “in-trust account for” account for your kids (minor applicant). The required documents are valid ID of parents, birth certificate of a child, ITF supplementary agreement with signature and billing statement.

Important: Billing statement must be recent, no later than 3 months past.

Step 4. Submit Forms and Requirements
Double check your spellings in your forms, make sure it has signatures. Prepare all necessary documents required by COL Financial. After step number 3, then this is the time you have to submit your forms and documents at COL Financial office to review your application.

Tips: Use envelope and at the front upper part write your name, address and phone numer. At the center of the large envelope write the COL Financial company name and address:

COL Business Center

2403-B East Tower, PSE Centre
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, 
Pasig City, Philippines 1605

You can submit the documents via LBC (in my own experience) and after few days you will receive a confirmation number via email that indicates your COL account number and your application status.

Step 5. Fund Your COL Financial Account

Assuming you have receive the confirmation email about your application status, this is now the time you have to fund your COL Financial account to start buying stocks. There are easy ways on how to fund your COL Financial account, it can be done via online banking, over the counter, or go personally in COL business center.

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For you to save time, you can use online bills payment. But since you are not familiar with online banking, let us talk about funding your COL Financial account via BDO over the counter. Even weekends BDO bank branch are open (in the mall).

A. Go to any BDO branch and get payment slip (color orange)
B. Write in the company name: COL Financial Group Inc.
C. Filled out the date
D. At the subscribe account number, write your COL Financial account number (example: 0123-0321) (Your account number received via eMail in step 4)
E. Write your complete name at subscriber’s name
F. Fill out the denominations, or total payments.

Wait for few hours if weekdays and 2 days if weekends after you fund your COL Financial account, you will receive a confirmation about your payments plus your password.

Now go to and log in. I will discuss in my next topic on how to buy stocks using your COL Financial account.

Learn Stock Investing at COL Financial Seminars
Warning: Investing in the stock market involves risk. You must be careful on what stocks to buy, when to buy or when to sell it. COL Financial can help you to succeed in investing, attending their FREE seminars can help you succeed in investing in the Philippine Stock Market. Attend seminars and ask everything you want to know.

It is your hard earned money. Don’t lose it, the rule in investing is “never lose money” as popularized by Mr. Warren Buffett as one of the most richest and most successful investors in the world. Gain knowledge before gain profits, that’s my advice.

You will never realize the value of 1 cent until its gone. Be a wise and smart investor. Have time to attend seminars, schedules of seminars are also announce at COL Financial official website.

Disclaimer:I am not affiliated with COL Financial Group, Inc. I just want to share my experience and knowledge. All logos, registered trademarks or slogans mentioned in this blog are owned by their respective companies.

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Now you know how to open a COL Financial account in the Philippines. Open one and start buying and selling stocks. Have a successful investing journey in the Philippine Stock Market. May our dear God bless you prosperity, happiness and success.

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