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Want to track your investments? Tracking your investments is very important. Whether it is a mutual fund, a UITF or stocks, monitoring your investment is necessary. Some experts says tracking your investments is not good especially when you are doing a cost averaging. I may say, tracking and monitoring your investments is a great way to stay motivated in investing. The following tips are just my own experience. I only use the technology wisely. The benefits of tracking your investments will also discuss today. This is not difficult to do. Actually it make sense and it has a lot of fun. If you are familiar with the internet, on how to use the computer and how to install an “apps” in your android phone then this is very easy.

Investing in stocks is quiet complicated, some says. But for me, every investment vehicles are not complicated if you want to learn about it. I am new in investing journey, but I am willing to learn new things. I am open minded about suggestions and opinions of financial experts.

Benefits You Can Get If You will Track Your Investments

  • You will know your gain or losses in your portfolio easily.
  • Investment increase like magic.
  • Practice investing with technology.

How to Track Your Investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds and UITF

Here are the procedure on how to track your stocks even though you are just using your phone. You can login into your stock broker website and view your portfolio. But that is the usual ways. The tips below maybe somehow are advanced way.
Try to download a Bloomberg apps, this is what I am using today. Download the Bloomberg apps, install it. Then when your phone is connected to wi-fi, search the CODE of your stocks, add the stock code. Mostly they end with PM. Example BDO:PM
You view the price of your chosen stock and daily change. The good thing is that on this Bloomberg App, it will allow you to have your own portfolio, add the stock code to your portfolio, add also how much shares/stocks you have and save. The app is updating when you are connected in the internet.
However, the updates won’t change when you don’t have an internet connection. There are free wi-fi almost everywhere, in the shopping malls, schools, establishment even when riding a bus. If you are using COLFinancial as your stock broker, then you can also view your Portofolio using your phone. When you have this app, you will also view some articles and news from Bloomberg.

How to Track Your Mutual Funds Investments

I am also tracking my mutual funds using Bloomberg on my phone (for my Philequity Fund, Inc and FAMI Save and Learn Equity Fund), but when I get home, I open my desktop and log on to FAMI-Portal and view how my funds are doing.
For those investors of FAMI-SALEF, good news! Here is the step by step procedure on how to access FAMI Portal and view your funds.
1. Visit
2. Visit the FAMI Portal Login
3. Register (fill out the form including your account number and CORs
4. You will receive an email registration confirmation and after 24 hours you will receive a USER ACCOUNT DETAILS.
5. Now log on to the FAMI Portal and track your investments. You can view it online, exel and PDF.

How to Track Your UITF (Unit Investment Trust Funds)?

Same with stocks and mutual funds, when you want to track your investment in your UITF funds, just type the UITF code in your Bloomberg app. In my experience, I am tracking my UITF in BDO online banking, when I received my COP, I enter some details in the online banking (trust funds page) and got it.
  1. Log on to your BDO online banking and select enrollment services to Trust Account.
  2. Choose ENROLL
  3. Fill out the following (CIF number, Client Name, CMN, Product Type)
CMN= Client Master Number
Product Type= UITF
      4. You have to wait a few minutes for the confirmation in your email. After that, you can now login and view your BDO UITF funds.

Aside from tracking your investment, it is also great to learn how to manage your finances online (your income and expenses). I can update my net worth using my phone and through the use of money manager apps.


How to Track Your Daily Income and Daily Budget?
Go to Google play and search for money manager of Realbyte Inc. Download and install the apps, and there you go. I am using this today, and it is free. You can manage your income and expenses in this app, and also it will help you to track your net worth. There is an asset and liabilities page on this app.
What You Track, Increases!
You don’t need to track your investment everyday, maybe per week or per month if you just want to. Obviously, if you just do it everyday, you will follow the law of attraction that says “what you track, increases” and “what you focus on, expands”. I have learned this thoughts to T. Harv Eker – my favorite author. I am not getting paid in any of the apps “mentioned” above, actually you can use them for FREE.


  • After you log on to any of the websites, do not forget to clear your cookies.

It doesn’t matter if you know how to use these apps or not, the important is “you keep on investing for our financial freedom”. In investing, technology is only a tool, but the main ingredients are your knowledge, confidence, money and time”.

Now you know how to track your investments in different ways, then you should know also the basic of financial management. A practical guide on how to manage money even a single cent. Manage it, because it is hard earned.

Money Quote and Saying

“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.” ― T. Harv Eker

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