How to Marry a Rich Man?

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Here is the simple guide on how to marry a rich man. Many women are dreaming to have a great marriage life. One of their dream wedding is to get married to a rich man. Not all women are fortunate to find a rich guy. This post will guide you where to find rich man, how to get along with rich guys and how to make friends with them and hopefully have a relationship with them and get married.

As a woman, your job is to know the characteristic of a rich man. You don’t want to fall in love with a man disguising as a rich. You want a real rich, right?


Rich man are smart. They have their own business and assets. They are not cute. Yeah they are not cute. Most rich man are not good looking. Since they spend more time in building their wealth, they don’t have the time to make their selves cute. They are only willing to spend more time to make their selves wealthy.

You are lucky enough if you found a rich man and at the same time “handsome”. Of course rich man are tough. I would rather know if the man is rich than knowing if he is cute or not.

How to Know if a Man is Rich?

The man is rich if he has a car of course. Investigate if the var he drives his his own car. If he owns a car, how did he acquired it. Did he bought the car through car loan or cash?

Mind you girls, rich men are not showy. They have more assets. They have more assets that generates passive income. They have freedom, they don’t work for someone else. They are their own bosses. Rich men invest in stocks. They have real estate properties. They have a fat bank account.

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Tip for Women: Spot the rich man not by what he’s wearing. He might be wearing expensive wrist watch, luxury cars. But, did you know how much his net worth? Ladies, the basis of riches is net worth, remember that. You don’t want to marry a rich man in disguise, right? So, investigate and make a research about the net worth of the guy.

Where to Find a Rich Man?

You can easily find a rich man where the rich are gathering. Rich men are gathering in stockholder’s meeting. Business conferences and sometimes they spend their time in investment club.

Now, do you have the guts to mingle with rich people? Rich men are not in the bar. They are not spending their time in cheap restaurant or bar. They are in high quality and world-class (fine dining restaurant).

Tip for Women: Join investment club in your area and find a rich man easily. If you want to marry a rich man, of course find one and make friends with him.

How to Make Friends with Rich Man?

Get noticed. Make yourself gorgeous but don’t too gorgeous as if you are a rich woman. be yourself. Rich men like women who are confident and true. They like trustworthy women. So, show to rich men who you really are.

Rich men are easily get impressed with “like minded” individual. When you meet rich man, you should be confident and talk about the things that interest him. Say for example, you can start a conversation about “stocks”, “business”, etc.

How to Marry a Rich Man?

After you have join investment clubs, attending business conferences and stock holder’s meeting, you met a rich man. You make friends with him and you know each other well. How can you make a rich man fall in love with you and let him make a wedding proposal?

That’s a good question, right? Here’s what you should do. Again, be yourself. Act as if your man is an ordinary man. Don’t even think he is a rich man. Do anything you can. Make him proud and make him feel loved. Appreciate him and be thoughtful.

Don’t be obvious. Be frank and be true. Say what you want and do what you want. Just be yourself. Make him fall in love with you. Give him quality time. Remind him about how tough and successful he is. Guys love to become appreciated.

Make the rich man happy. If he wants sex, give him a sex? No, unless you love each other. What if something happen to both of you and afterward he will forgot everything? Decide whether you will have a sex with the rich man or not. Just be sure, it is worth it.

Who knows, you can drive him very wild and if he will love the sex thing with you. Maybe, he will never lose you and marry you to have you for the rest of your life. Rich man are not after sex. They are looking for decent women. They are looking for woman who are comfortable and easy to be with.

Conclusion and Summary

If you want to marry a rich man, meet rich man where the rich people gathers. Spot the truly wealthy man. Make friends with him. Make the rich man fall in love with you by being a thoughtful, trustworthy, appreciative and confident women.

Make the rich man happy whether in sex or other things. You can easily get wedding proposal from a rich man if you know how to make him happy and proud. Now ladies, go ahead and find a rich man guy and marry a rich man now.

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