How to Make Yourself Look Rich? (4 Easy Steps)

Posted by Grace under Money on December 6, 2015

How to make yourself look rich? Here’s the simple ways in making yourself look like a real rich man or woman. A friend of mine wants to make herself look rich. Well, if you want to impress other people about your look, here’s the simple guide. Before we start, I want to tell you that if you are wanting to make yourself look rich is the first start of getting rich.

The law of attraction applies in this post. That’s why I am interested also to know how to make myself look rich, fabulous and elegant. As an important reminder, there are many people nowadays who are just look rich but they are still in the middle class, and sometimes they just look rich but they are poor.


I don’t care about those people who look rich but in reality they are poor. Let’s just admire them and attract riches the way we want. Who are the rich people? FYI? Rich people are those people who don’t have to work for money anymore. The rich people are those who have enough assets that generate passive income for them. As a reminder and warning again, do not buy things that can only fake yourself to look rich. Buy things that can make you rich. I will explain to you the reasons why.

If you think expensive clothes, luxury cars and jewelries can make you a real rich person, do it. But most of the time, things that depreciate value can help you become wealthy. Stocks, lands, mutual fund shares, bonds and your business royalty can make you super rich.

How to Make Yourself Look Rich?

A step by step guide in making yourself look rich. Look like a real wealthy guy or lady. This will guide you on how to look like a millionaire.

  1. Observe what rich people are wearing. Wear those clothes and accessories. There are items such as jewelries or expensive suits that can buy at a discounted price. Your goal is to look rich not to spend all your money. So shop online or offline for the items you want to wear. Dress yourself from head to toe. This means you will going to wear what rich people are wearing from their head to toe. Such as necklace, wrist watch, expensive dress, leather shoes.
  2. Act gracefully and talk gracefully. Rich people especially from Great Britain act graciously. If you want to look rich, act according to what you wear.
  3. Wear branded items. People think that you are rich if you are wearing branded items. Don’t just choose brand. Choose brand that sounds like its expensive.
  4. Have a good personality. To have an idea. Watch any movie that has a scene where rich people are gathering.

Other Ways to on How to Make Yourself Look Rich

According to a friend of mine. If you want to make yourself look rich, you should not just wearing branded items or jewelries. Decide whether you want to look like a modern millionaire or not. What I mean about a modern millionaire? Modern millionaires looks simple. They just wear simple clothes. A simple wrist watch and simple shoes.

how to make yourself look rich

Image Credit: epSos .de on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr — Rich and Poor Serving Inequality

Tips and Warnings

  • If you want to make yourself look rich, you need to show something. Maybe a luxury car, a fat wallet, or a expensive wrist watch amounting to $25,000
  • Making yourself look rich is great. However, be careful on buying things that can only make you poor. Why should you buy things just to impress people? Rich people buys things that appreciate value.
  • While making yourself look rich, do anything it takes to make you a real rich man or woman. Otherwise, you are just fooling yourself.
  • Don’t buy things that look cheap if you want to make yourself look rich.
  • Sometimes, the places where you are determines who you are. Try to socialize or mingle with rich people. Go to fine dining restaurant. And you will likely see yourself who you really are.
  • Try to capture a photo with you. If you want to know what other people say about your look, upload your photo in Facebook or Instagram. But it is best to mingle with other people to know what they can tell you about your look.
  • Remember what Warren Buffet (3rd richest man in the world – a billionaire, a real rich) said, “If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.” – Warren Buffett

If I were you, I would rather make myself very simple. As long as I look decent man. Now you know how to make yourself look rich. Applying the guide can help you to look like a rich man. Hope it works for you!

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