How to Make Your Dreams Come True?

Posted by Grace under Money on August 26, 2015

Learning how to make your dreams come true is one of the best thing you can do today. A dream can only become a reality if it is specific, if you have determination and perseverance, all your ambition or goal can be achieve easily. When I was young, I dream to become an architect. Does it happened? No, it is because my mind and my thoughts isn’t very concrete to think the importance and rewards if I will achieve that ambition – to be an architect.

In this life, you only have two options. It’s either you choose left or right, good or bad, reality or fantasy, white or black, happiness or loneliness, success or frustration. Now, think about this, if you will choose reality not a fantasy, you need to take action.


Before let us start to this guide, think about the things yo want to perceive such as luxury cars, stocks, business, real estate property, happy family, good career and healthy lifestyle. Maybe you already saw yourself driving a luxury car , or maybe you already imagine your the boss in a bid corporation and earning huge income.

What’s your ideal life? Believe me my friend, you really deserve a fantastic life. But to get the life you truly deserve, you should start thinking awesomely on how can you achieve your life’s dream. The following suggestion can be the solution on how to make your dreams

  • Level of Comfort
  • Extra Effort
  • Additional Skills
  • Courageous
  • Be Focused

Step 1. Adjust Your Comfort Zone

If you will adjust your comfort zone, yo will surely get unlimited opportunities. Don’t just sit there. Take necessary actions to achieve your dreams. Do one thing at a time. The level of your comfort zone will identify the level of your success.

Step 2. Make Extra Efforts

Making extra efforts is a must. Do not stop until you get the results you really want. But, be sure to analyze every actions you take, otherwise, you will fall into insanity. If you want great results, do great actions. Sometimes, a simple actions that works can bring you to big success.

Step 3. Get Additional Skills

Learn how to get additional skills. If you are an entrepreneur, do take business courses, business seminars and workshops. Additional skills are important to your success, but, choose only the skills needed. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Step 4. Be Courageous

Be courageous, always think your inspirations and the reasons why you need to achieve your dream. The best thing is, becoming courageous is very simple. Think about this, what would you feel if you will get your dream car, your dream house, your dream lifestyle, your dream business and your dream career. When you think about these things, they will surely make you happy and courageous to do whatever it takes to have them all.

Step 5. Be Focused

Robert T. Kiyosaki explaines FOCUS, he said FOCUS means “Finish One Course Until Successful”. Therefore, if you are in a particular business niche, do not shift or change your niche until you become rich to that niche. The more focused you are, the more chance you can make your dreams a reality.

For me, the step number 5 is very important. I have also a dream. Example, my goal to this blog is to earn at least $100 per day. How can I make it happen if I will build another blog? The word you should remember when yuo want to become focused is “Less is More”.

Be grateful when you achieve little things. Track your progress. Do one thing at a time. When your dream become a reality, be grateful enough. Do not forget the people who helped you make your dreams come true. The people who teach you skills. The people who inspired you. And the one who gave you strength to make your dreams a reality – our Almighty God.

Have something to say about this guide? Let me know your ideas and suggestions on how to achieve one’s ambition. Leave a comment below! Share this with your friends!

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