How to Make My Family Happy

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I want to know how to make my family happy. It’s just that, they aren’t happy. I want every family members more happier. I want myself, my spouse, my kids and my parents to receive joy and happiness everyday. Do you also think about this? If yes, read this and make a comment afterwards! Today, let me just share to you the secret of having a happy family and what is the characteristics of a good family.

Every family members are looking for attentions, love and care. The questions is how to give your family so much attentions, love and care?


Solution: You should do whatever it takes to get rich faster. Getting rich is a good idea especially if your reasons why you want to get rich is your family not only yourself.

Imagine if you are rich, have enough money, more income generating assets and other businesses that can earn income with less effort and time on your part. That means, you can give your family more time and you can give them what they want because you have more income generating assets.

Don’t get me wrong my dear friend. It’s possible to give your family and quality time and necessities. You can only do that if you are wealthy.

5 Things To Make Your Family Happy

You can follow this suggestions or not. I think this suggestions and ideas are enough to make your family happy not just today, not just every weekends, not just once in a while but everyday.

  1. Make the Law of God be the center in your family.
  2. Give your family so much attention.
  3. Show love and care.
  4. Have plenty of interesting activities like gardening, playing, watching movies at home, cooking your favorite meals, doing household chores, etc.
  5. Give your family what they really need like good education, healthy foods, clothes and shelter.

The number one idea is the best among them all. If you make the Law of God as the center or foundation in your family, God will bless you happiness, wealth, and everything you need in life. Also, do your part to make more money. And use this money to give your family what they need whether it is material things, emotional needs like love, care and attention.

Suggested Ideas for Happy Christian Families

  1. Attend worship services
  2. Have a devotional prayer every evening
  3. Have a prayer meeting every morning
  4. Go to church every weekends to clean the house of God
  5. Sing hymn of praise together everyday.

Characteristics of a Happy Family

Happy families are those who those families who fear God. Those who follow the holy commandments. Happy families are those who trust God. They feel joy every time they attend worship service.

If you need more tips and advice. Always visit family tips for happy families section in this blog. If you have any ideas on how to make our family become happy, please leave it the comment box below.

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